Bryan’s MasterChef dream bursts

The aspiring dessert chef is undone by the toughest Pressure Test yet.

By Tiffany Dunk
Recreating an intricate ice cream float – complete with an edible helium balloon – saw all three contestants struggle for Pressure Test survival but for Bryan Zhu it would prove to be his final MasterChef cook.
The 23-year-old, who dreams of starting up his own dessert bar, fell behind his competitors Samuel Whitehead and Trent Devincenzo, as nerves took over.
And while he caught up the time, an early stumble in creating the semifreddo which would be the key to the finished dish, signalled the end for the talented contestant.
It was devastating for Bryan, who was considered an early favourite to take the crown in this year’s series.
Bryan admits that getting such high praise in the early days of his MasterChef adventure put more pressure on him as the competition went on.
“It does make high expectations because I felt like I have to keep going to that standard,” he tells TV WEEK.
“Sometimes I just need to keep it low-key, otherwise it’s just too much stress.”
Failure to keep things simple was a recurrent note from the judges as occasionally Bryan’s inventiveness could see him try to take on too many challenges.
And while he says the judges have all told him the same thing, he says Gary was particularly tough in his critiques.
“Funnily enough I think Gary is my hardest critic, George has a similar idea when it comes to my plating,” he says. “But they all just kept telling me to keep it simple.”
The judges loved Bryan's cooking but urged him to simplify it.
Having landed work experience at MasterChef alum Reynold Poernomo’s Koi Dessert Bar, freelance photographer Bryan says he’s also keen to incorporate his day job into the mix as he explores his food dreams now his MasterChef journey is over.
“I’d love to food style as well, there are so many things I like to do,” he says.

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