Break ups and make ups this week on Neighbours

Toadie and Dee take a trip down memory lane.

Hook, line and sinker

Andrea, the woman who is impersonating Dee (and doing a damn good job at it), managed to get even closer to Toadie this week when they visited Werribee Mansion together. This was the venue where Toadie and Dee got married thirteen years ago. Nostalgia completely took over for Toadie and he fell deeper into Andrea's deception as his feelings for her continue to grow.

*Toadie and "Dee" take a trip back to where it all began.*
Toadie and "Dee" take a trip back to where it all began.

Meanwhile, Andrea's daughter Willow was struggling with the lie. After seeing how much unrest Andrea (fake Dee) is causing in Toadie and Sonya's marriage, Willow lashed out at her mother by telling Toadie that she isn't really his daughter. Unfortunately Andrea was able to smooth things over by blaming it on Willow's teenage tendencies, leaving Toadie still convinced that Willow is his.

Goodbye my lover

After weeks of back and forth, Steph FINALLY ended her relationship with Mark this week. After Mark came to her door in the middle of the night very worked up, Steph realised she had to put him out of his misery. But, before she officially ended it, Steph visited Victoria and the two ended up kissing! Mark did not take the news of the break up well and spilled the beans to his colleague Ellen, who is also the on-off girlfriend of Victoria. Awkward.

Musical beds

Following Steph and Mark's break up this week, Mark leaned on Elly for support much to Steph's dismay. After a frosty exchange between Steph and Mark at Harold's, Steph decided to go to Mark's house to confront him on how he treated her but instead she saw Elly leaving Mark's bedroom AND wearing Steph's engagement ring! What?!

*What was Elly doing in Mark's room?*
What was Elly doing in Mark's room?

This had a knock on effect on Elly and Ned's relationship, as Ned assumed he had been blind to Mark and Elly's secret relationship this whole time, but the couple managed to clear the air. Ned asked Elly to join him in the Gold Coast but she declined and decided to stay in Erinsborough.

Relationship revealed

Meanwhile, Xanthe and Ben's secret relationship was revealed this week, much to the dismay Karl! After Jimmy accidentally let slip of the relationship, the couple had some explaining to do. Karl was particularly unhappy with the reunion, due to Gary's recent criminal activities, but Sheila explained his actions were all in an attempt to repay the Kennedy's the money Brooke stole from them. Susan was shocked that Gary would go to such lengths and made everyone bury the hatchet before it got more out of hand. The Kennedy's and Canning's are friends once again!

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