EXCLUSIVE: A body language expert weighs in on The Bachelor final 3

Can’t wait til the finale? Us either! Here’s what an expert has to say about Matty J’s top picks.

By Bella Brennan
As Laura Bryne, Tara Pavlovic and Elise Stacy go head-to-head for Matty Johnson's heart on The Bachelor Australia, 2017, could the Chosen One already be staring us right in the face like a sweet-smelling rose?
According to Louise Mahler, Leadership Influencer and Body Language expert, the winner is crystal clear thanks to her pro skills in reading the unspoken language of love.
Here, Louise shares her fascinating insights on the last three lucky ladies and who she reckons lands that coveted final rose...

Elise Stacy

The first meeting
Louise says Matty was “definitely keen” when he first met Elise Stacy on the red carpet way back when in episode one.
"Elise seemed very open. Trying to make an impression she thrust her skirt open, showing lots of leg," Louise tells us, a move which makes a lasting impression on MJ.
The first kiss
Louise reckons their first kiss is pretty underwhelming with Matty showing tell-tale signs of being disinterested.
"Matty reaches for the rose to bring it all to a grizzly close and Elise again thrusts her body joyfully towards him. There’s not a flicker of response from Matty. It makes me feel for her," she says of the moments after their kiss.
Look back on the first time they met below. Post continues after!
"Matty looks away and not at Elise. She gets the hint and chooses to gaze more at the rose than Matty."
"They kiss again with Matty covering their mouths with his hand. This is not a good sign. Elise again takes the lead and embraces him. Can it get any more obvious?"
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"Elise was prepared to take a chance, she was completely open, but Matty just played it out."
Home visits
He charmed the pants off Elise’s family, but did they work their affections back on him?
"In one of the photos, Matty’s arm is placed more lovingly around her brother than Elise, which says nothing about his relationship with the brother but a lot about his relationship with her. Elise’s face barely breaks a smile," Louise notes
How does Matty feel about Elise?
"He calls her 'genuine, fun and bubbly!' Words of love? No."
"The body language is crystal clear - Elise was prepared to take a chance, she was completely open, but Matty just played it out," Louise says.

Tara Pavlovic

The first meeting
Tara Pavlovic had us in stitches when she accidentally called Matty “mate” but did she friend-zone herself from the get-go?
"Tara was nervous. She didn’t make eye contact at all, to the point where Matt asked if she liked the house more than him. She was very nervous but then they got chatting and playing, a play that is the trademark of her time with him," Louise says.
The first kiss
Louise says the speed of their first smooch could be a red flag.
"Lips touch and bang it’s over with no real pressure. Tara doesn’t even turn her body towards him. It’s as if they’re saying 'let's get this over with.'"
WATCH: Matty and Tara's first meeting. Post continues...
Home visits
Uh oh, Louise says Matty’s body language is letting off the not-too-keen signal again
"What struck me was how Tara ran and jumped up on Matty when she greeted him. He did not so much as move an inch forward," Louise says.
"Tara doesn't even turn her body towards him," Louise notes of their awks smooch.
How does Matty feel about Tara?
Louise’s takeaway from analysing Matty and Tara is that she annoys him.
"She does a great, fun act but Matty can’t wait for it to end. Tara is not Matty’s choice," Louise says.
"She does a great, fun act but Matty can’t wait for it to end."
Will Matty grow tired of Tara's playfulness?

Laura Byrne

The first meeting
First impressions really do count and Louise says Matty’s reaction to Laura Byrne is a very promising start.
"He was bowled over by her and kept saying ‘wow!’ and ‘you look amazing!’ He was overwhelmed and his eyes were wide and sparkling with joy."
"Laura, on the other hand, was very composed. Her mouth was confidently wide – no jaw tension, her walk was steady and firm (after falling over her pants initially) and her voice was strong," Louise notes.
Before adding: "Right from the start, Laura is the one who is not diving in. She put on a strong front and Matty loved it."
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The first kiss
Louise says their pash indicates a strong intimate connection. "It’s slow, deep and sensual. They pause, he chooses the other side of her face. The intimacy was so strong! Matty was flushed with embarrassment afterwards. The kiss meant something," Louise explains.
Home visits
Winning over the parents is hard but the pet pooch is even more important and Matty nailed it.
"Seeing them walk on the beach was like watching a long-term couple. The dog loves Matty and Matty loves the dog, a big win."
Our expert says this is a textbook great first kiss!
But the icing on the cake comes when Matty meets Laura’s loved ones.
"Meeting the family was like seeing the princess put on the glass slipper. Everyone was calm and it was so smooth, it was like Matty belonged there."
"The key here was the lack of tension depicted in his low and un-raised shoulders, light laughter, eye contact and relaxed eye blinking."
Weighing in on their tense final conversation when Matty asked if she was “100% in”, Louise thinks Laura’s tough love approach of not giving an answer paid off.
"She seemed agitated and slightly angry. Apart from the frustration at his lack of ability to respond on camera, there seems little doubt they are both highly committed."

How does Matty feel about Laura?
"From the start Matty was stunned and smitten. He stared, he shook, he wheeled out the genuine compliments."
"No more play acting, no more pretending. With Laura he just responds in the moment. He is the first to move, his breath is low, there is no fake smile and he seems centred in his energy."
He fits right in with the Byrne clan.

The final verdict

After pouring over the footage all season, here’s our expert’s predictions…
"The question for me is not who is going to win - it’s Laura. I think Elise will play a genuine game with warmth. Tara will play it up for the camera, but I think Matty may say he can’t take another moment of it," Louise claims.
Well, there you go.
Tune in on Wednesday and Thursday night to see if she is indeed right!
Matty will finally reveal his new love on Thursday night.