They get paid HOW MUCH?! You'll never believe these secrets from I'm A Celebrity...

Here is your answer to the number one question: Are the stars really roughing it?

The cast of I'm a celebrity... Get me out of here!

The sunburn sported by Tziporah Malkah - formerly known as Kate Fischer - could have viewers thinking the I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! cast might be without any creature comforts, but insiders, including the executive producer Stephen Tate, say otherwise. Here, a few surprising show truths are unveiled.

Faux celebs are used

All challenges get a run through by stand-ins. "We test every trial before we put our celebrities through their paces," tells Stephen.

They all get a bag of goodies

A show insider reveals: "They are celebrities, so they each receive a goodies bag with dental floss, toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser, shampoo, conditioner, a razor and a towel." Additionally, there's no excuse for Tziporah's sunburn! "Celebrities are issued with sunscreen and repellent," tells an insider.

No excuses for that sunburn, Tziporah!
No excuses for that sunburn, Tziporah!

They get toilet paper!

Unlike the Australian Survivor gang, the jungle dwellers receive six rolls of toilet paper. These are "replenished as needed", shares the source.

The pay is MASSIVE

According to reports, US Comedian Tom Arnold will pocket more than $40,000 a week.

However, it's nowhere near the more than $60,000 a day figure Shane Warne was said to have taken home last season. And how much is being donated to their charity of choice...?

Hundreds of celebs are asked to apply

Stephen explains that more than 500 celebrities were approached to join the cast of the popular reality TV show this year.

As for his dream contender? "Hands down Robbie Williams," he reveals.

"Tziporah I have no idea where your sunscreen went!"
"Tziporah I have no idea where your sunscreen went!"

I'm a Celebrity by the numbers

  • The creative team start planning the trials six months out from the show's launch.
  • The winning celeb will have consumed a total of nearly 2kg of beans, 2.2kg of rice and 1.1kg of oats by the show's finale.
  • 100,000 cockroaches will be used in trials across the series, 70 litres of mealworms and superworms, 10,000 fire ants, 120 litres of maggots, 400 rats, 200 scorpions, 20 litres of crickets and 200 snakes. Um, gross.
  • There are 435 crew, 62 cameras and 15 editing suites.

Not quite roughing it.
Not quite roughing it.

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