He’s back! Barry Du Bois returns to The Living Room after chemo

And with Dr Chris Brown also back on the couch, it’s the reunion we’ve been waiting for!

By TV Week team
In October last year, Barry Du Bois announced some heartbreaking news: his cancer had returned after six years in remission.
"It seems that my cancer has come back, reasonably aggressively now I have what is regarded as multiple myeloma," he said at the time.
"We've got a cancer in my body that has created several tumours right through my body.
"[But] this is just another fight for me that I am quite comfortable I am going to win."

Five months on and with chemotherapy far behind him, Barry says he is on the home run.
"The chemo I had was horrific," he tells The Daily Telegraph.
"It was successful for me, I am on the scenic route now ... I am ready for any fight."
And the father-of-two is jumping right back into life, announcing his return to The Living Room this Friday, March 30.
"The Doctor has said I can go back to work so this Friday I am back on the couch with my incredible @livingroomtv family," he says on a social media post. "I am really hoping you can join us."

By "us" Barry not only means co-hosts Amanda Keller and Miguel Maestre, but Dr Chris Brown too.
The former Bondi Vet has spent the last few months co-hosting I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Australia and will also make his return this week.
All eyes are on Barry, however, and his co-hosts as excited for his comeback as we are.
"We're just a little excited to have @baz_dubois back on board," Dr Chris says on Instagram.
"I'm so excited," Amanda adds. "I've been looking forward to this for weeks!"

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