Bachelor’s Blake and Louise back together

Thorny days were ahead after they declared that their romance was over, but it seems Louise Pillidge and Blake Garvey are smelling roses... and are very much together again.

By Chloe Lal
Who really knows with these two. Are they friends or are they lovers?
While we await for them to do a potential reunited shoot, Blake and Louise gave fans a taste of their potential second coming.
The duo reunited over the weekend for a charity run.
A long time ago, they were just a couple standing on a mountain...
“Almost that time!” Blake penned on Instagram alongside a picture of himself, Louise and two others at the event.
“Good luck to everyone else doing the @hbfrun! Proud to be participating on behalf of and raising awareness for @lifeline_wa”
Many would remember Louise meet her beau after he dated 20-something women on national TV, decided to be Sam Frost before ultimately picking Louise as his life's one rose.
The pair infamously went on to publicly announce their split four weeks ago, and like John Farnham's many final tours - the duo also did their own stint of appearances to discuss the demise of their once eternal love.
“We love each other so much,” Blake admitted during the break up.
“We’ve got so much respect for each other; we’ve been through the worst of the worst when it comes to it. I can’t think of many couples who have been that scrutinised and the bond that that has formed between us has been amazing.”
While Louise added, “We’re good friends; we’ve always had an amazing friendship."

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