One of Sophie’s Bachelorette boys has completely transformed himself!

One Bachelorette contestant used to weigh 130kg – and you’ll never guess how he lost it!

By OK! team
Jarrod and Sophie hit it off at last night's cocktail party.
Jarrod Woodgate is one of Sophie Monk's18 hopefuls on this season of The Bachelorette.
Just another confident young man searching for love. But Jarrod tells OK!, he wasn’t always the self-assured, fit young man Australia met on TV last night.
In an OK! exclusive, Jarrod opens up about his weight loss battle.
Jarrod leads quite an active lifestyle as a vineyard manager.
"I was a fat kid when I was younger. I was 130 kilos," says Jarrod openly. Woah, cute vineyard manager, say what?!
It’s hard to believe that this self-assured young man who strode into the Bachie mansion last night was actually bullied out of school because of his weight.
"I was bullied at school. I was probably bullied every day," Jarrod reveals, reflecting on a time that was not only a physical struggle but a very emotional one.
"When I was a kid people used to beat me up and pick on me. School was hard and I didn’t go to school very much because of it," he explains. "I left in year 10 and was home-schooled." Poor Jarrod!
It’s obvious that Jarrod has since shed the weight after leaving school (um hello, he’s super fit now), no doubt finding it easy to stay active while working and managing a vineyard. But the main motivation behind Jarrod’s weight loss may come as a surprise…
"I joined the army and lost all that weight," he says.
Plot twist! Though 12 years in the military may seem like a more aggressive form of diet and exercise, Jarrod’s hard work obviously paid off. He’s looking fit, single and ready to mingle on The Bachelorette so far.
And we’re pretty sure Sophie is impressed.

In fact, Jarrod and Soph may have more in common than they think.
We can’t wait to see these two get to know each other better, maybe over a glass or two. We’re sure Jarrod has a few recommendations!
For more of our exclusive chat with Jarrod, pick up this week’s issue of OK!, on sale now!
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