Watch out Ali! Bachelor In Paradise's Keira admits she likes Jarrod

And she isn't prepared to share her man.

By TV Week team
When it comes to coupling up on Bachelor In Paradise, it seems mean gal Keira Maguire and nice guy Jarrod Woodgate are proof that opposites attract.
Despite their differences, Keira tells TV WEEK she had her sights set on him before the show.
"I watch The Bachelorette and I really liked Jarrod," the 31-year-old tells TV WEEK. "I thought he was an amazing guy.
"He was being heavily produced [edited], but he seemed a gentleman – maybe a bit naive, but someone who knows what he wants."
Jarrod is rumoured to be the one who proposes on the show!
While Keira and Jarrod hit it off, she wasn't the only one to catch his eye, with the vineyard manager also sharing chemistry with Ali Oetjen from season one of The Bachelor Australia in 2013.
"She's got the eyes, the smile and just stupidly hot," he gushes of Ali.
Watching Jarrod, 32, and Ali, 31, spend time together soon got under Keira's skin.
"When you're in an environment when you're made to date multiple people at multiple times, you expect it," Keira says.
"But at the same time, it's hard not to let it get to you. I tried to identify my concern when I felt jealous."
Keira starred in Richie Strahan's season of The Bachelor.
There's definitely a lot of drama ahead, but that's the way Keira likes it.
"My favourite thing is the rose ceremonies because we all think we're safe and comfortable but anything can happen," she tells Now To Love.
"The thing about the concept which I love is that you can be talking to one person and then someone else comes in and that can change the whole dynamic of the whole group."
But if Keira's form is anything to go by, Ali had better watch her back, or it could be "Game on, moll" – as Keira declared on The Bachelor Australia in 2016 – all over again.

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