EXCLUSIVE: Who will be joining Bachelor in Paradise?

Former contestants Tara Pavlovic and Elora Murger are keen for a second shot at love.

Ten has confirmed it’s bringing the controversial reality show Bachelor In Paradise to Australia.
can reveal that former The Bachelor Australia contestants Tara Pavlovic and 
Elora Murger could 
star in the spin-off.
“I would definitely consider it if I was asked,” Tara, 27, says when quizzed whether she’s been approached by producers.
Meanwhile, fitness trainer Elora, 27, says she would love a spot on the show.
She hopes Sophie Monk’s current handsome suitor Luke McLeod, and Georgia Love’s former fellas Courtney Dober and 
Jake Ellis, also join her.
“I think Luke would be 
a great match,” she says. “We seem to share similar perspectives on life.”
As for Courtney, 
Elora thinks he’s “fun, happy and cute” and Jake, well, “he’s sexy”.

Tara, who came third in Matty Johnson’s quest for love in 2017, admits she’s yet to watch the US version of Bachelor In Paradise. 
But she has no doubt the Aussies can do it better.
“The clips I’ve seen 
look pretty tacky,” she 
says. “I hope the Aussie version is more tasteful.”
Among the other Bachie fan favourites and villains tipped 
to be given a second chance at love are Louise Pillidge (2014), Michael Turnbull (2015) and 2016 contestant Keira Maguire.
“Keira is a good 
villain – she’s real. 
Not evil,” Elora declares. “She’d be the best.”
Tara has her fingers crossed for round two.
But Tara says if she were to land a spot on the show, she’d hope a few of the girls from her season could join her.
“Nat, Sian and Steph would keep me laughing and we’d have the best time,” she laughs.
“I think maybe Eliza, who sang [to Richie Strahan], and Mackane, who also sang [to Sophie Monk], would be great too. They could perform duets happily for the rest of their lives.”
Elora already knows who she'd like to join the series.
And despite season-two Bachelor Blake Garvey dismissing speculation 
he’ll be involved in the spin-off, Tara says the return of the infamous “love rat” would be TV gold.
“That would make it interesting,” she laughs.
TV WEEK also spoke to previous contestants Dave Billsborrow (Sam Frost's season of The Bachelorette) and Noni Janur (Richie Strahan's season).
Dave said: "Going an island full of bachelors and alcohol, what could go wrong?"
Noni is currently off the market (she's dating Bachelorette contestant Sam Johnston), but she did offer her thoughts on the Aussie version of the show. "We have a lot to live up to! The US version is very dramatic. Being a family prime-time, it will be hard to try and keep everything G rated. Hopefully there is an uncut version!"
Bachelor In Paradise 
is scheduled for 2018.

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