Behold! Here’s your very first look at Bachelor in Paradise Australia

Hello, old friends.

By Jacqui King

Grab the cocktails and bikinis, a first look at the much-hyped Bachelor in Paradise Australia is here and it features plenty of babes and leis (and roses, of course).

The new Network Ten clip showed the all-star cast arrive in tropical Fiji to greet long-time Bachelor host Osher Günsberg.

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Us right now ^^

Osher says in a voice-over, "Your favourite Bachelors and Bachelorettes are together in Paradise for a second chance at love," as we see some familiar faces – Keira Maguire, Tara Pavlovic, Michael Turnbull, Laurina Fleure and Apollo Jackson.

Davey Lloyd and Sophie Monk's runner-up Jarrod Woodgate have also been confirmed to appear on the show, although we haven't seen them in floral shirts and boardies just yet. (Does Jarrod tan? We can't wait to find out.)

Given that the show is aimed at a family audience, we'll be seeing a much tamer version of the US version (ie much less drunken antics). Despite that, Osher promised the show will be a hit.

Keira's baaaack.
Keira's baaaack.
We've missed Tara!
We've missed Tara!

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"We knew within three days we had a hit," he recently said on The Wine O'Clock Show.

With Laurina AND Keira both living under the same roof, we can already guess it's going to be filled with DRAMA, with a side of romance. So, who will fall in lurrrvvveee?

We're not exactly sure when the show will drop but we'll have the coconut oil ready.

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