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OK! Finds out what Richie Strahan has gotten himself into with his 22 lovely ladies…

Nikki: Boyfriend heartbreak
Real estate agent Nikki is over the moon to have made it onto the bachelor. After splitting from her fiancé Tim, with whom she shared a 12 year relationship, she spent a year soul searching and now the WA country racing ambassador is ready to find love once again. Could our new bachelor Ritchie Strahan, 31, be the one? She seems to think so!
‘Last year, I didn’t watch The Bachelorette, only the finale, which Richie wasn’t on , but I do know of him and yes, he is my type of guy,’ she tells OK!. Hailing from the same state as Richie could definitely work in Nikki’s favour (they live an hour apart!). However, with the show being filmed in Sydney, dating TV’s most eligible man could be tricky for the 28 year old, who admits to struggling when she’s away from her family, particularly her younger sister Danni, 27.
Nikki and her loved ones have been through a lot over the years, including the tragic passing away of her sister’s boyfriend. ‘My little sister’s boyfriend was tragically killed in a mining accident,’ Nikki explains. ‘She was 19 at the time and he’d been in our lives for nearly five years and was very much part of the family. It was heartbreaking for me as I watched my sister’s life fall apart before my eyes.’
Megan: Why my marriage didn’t work
‘There are no regrets,’ health promotions officer Megan tells OK! of marrying her first love at the tender age of 18.
‘It was a good relationship, we were very young and lost in love, but I’ve come out knowing more of what I want,’ shares the 27 year old.
As for popping another sparkler on her wedding finger one day, the WA adventure lover says bring it on. ‘I’d love to be married again!’ And if the bachelor is ‘fun, attractive and a little bit weird,’ then he ticks all the boxes.
Kiki: I’ve been on 100 dates
Kiki’s quest to find Mr Right has been a roller coaster ride, but the 28 year old hopes her luck is about to change – and that her TV crush will prove to be her perfect match.
‘I’ve probably been on 100 dates and have gone through bad relationships and bad breakups,’ tells the personal assistant, adding ‘I watched The Bachelorette religiously and Richie was my favourite, so it’ll be great if there is something there between us.’
Moving to WA from Sydney wouldn’t be a problem for Kiki – she’s relocated to the other side of Australia for love in the past!
‘I moved to Perth to live with a partner before, and I plan to move there again – I think it is a great place to settle down and have children,’ she tells.
The model who’s posed for men’s magazines and worked as a TV host, is ready to put her rocky relationship past – including a ‘Band-Aid’ engagement- behind her.
‘This is the first time I have been myself,’ she explains. ‘I’m a very conservative person in my personal life. In my modelling shoots it may not appear to be the case, but I am when it comes to my feelings.’
Faith: I was forced onto the show
After being single for 18 months, 26 year old Faith, who is one of 10 children, was convinced by her sister to try out for the show.
‘My sister basically forced me to apply! I was at her house and she’s obsessed with the series,’ explains Brisbane based beauty. The hairdresser is extremely tight with her siblings-her father’s death three years ago has brought the family even closer together- and her nearest and dearest are determined to see Faith find love.
Sophie: The reason I adopted
There’s already a special man in Sophie’s life- her 19-month old son Jackson. The single mum tells OK! he’s the reason behind her applying for The Bachelor, revealing ‘I did this with him in mind. I want him to grow up with a strong male influence.’
The 28 year old adopted Jackson when he was four months old after her younger sister was no longer able to care for him. ‘She has Asperger’s Syndrome, so she doesn’t always make the best decisions, and I guess she doesn’t really understand the commitments of a child,’ shares Sophie, a customer support manager.
While her 22-year old sister is still part of Jackson’s life, seeing him twice a week, Sophie has custody of Jackson until he’s 18, and she’s loving life as a mum. ‘He’s my world,’ she says. ‘It was harder than I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t change a thing.’
Alex: My son is everything
Saying goodbye to her five year old son Elijah was a difficult decision for venue manager Alex.
The 24 year old tells, ‘It’s my sons first year at school and he’s a mummy’s boy. He’s my everything but I had to remind myself that I might only be away for a few months at most.’
Keira: I’m no cheat
While Sydneysider Keira, 30, has been accused of having an ‘advantage’ because she’s friends with Richie’s cousin, former Big Brother contender Lisa Clark, the account manager say’s they’ve only been pals for a short time and she’s never met Richie before – although not from lack of trying.
‘Shortly before I went on the show, I saw something Lisa put up of her and Richie on her Facebook feed, and I said to her, “Oh my god, are you Richie’s cousin?” When she said she was, I was like, “Can you introduce me to him? I think he is so hot!”’
Maybe it’s fate that’s led Keira to be on the show!
Eliza: I’m the entertainer
Sydneysider Eliza is sure to make a lasting impression. The love seeking lady has helmed a one-woman comedy show (about a kooky single girl who owns 10 cats) that’s traveled internationally, and say’s her family has high hopes for her on The Bachelor.
‘They want me to find love and know how entertaining I would be to watch,’ she shares. While she’s a pro on the stage, don’t think it is all about the fame for the 31 year old. ‘I’m on the show for the adventure and to find love in the most random way possible,’ she shares.
The 23 year old make-up artist’s hair once caught on fire during a date!
‘I leaned in for a kiss not realising there was a candle on the table and my hair went up!’
‘In Year 12 I’d [take] Friday afternoon off and I’d go home, shave my legs and fake tan and have a date at my door… obviously that didn’t work out for me,’ laughs artist Georgia, 24.
‘My first relationship didn’t work out, although he did give me my first flower,’ recalls 34-year-old yoga instructor Marja. ‘I was three; I started young!’
‘The last person I was dating was stubborn and controlling. He’d argue with me about our future anniversary date!’ tells the 31-year old-business development manager from Victoria.
Bring on the helicopter; it’s going to take a lot for Richie to sweep these ladies off their feet, judging by past experiences.
‘I had a guy fly me to Iceland for my birthday to be under the Northern lights,’ shares the 31-year-old personal trainer from Victoria of her most memorable date. She’s been engaged before but ‘fell out of love’.
‘I once woke up to find 50 Facebook messages from a guy’s friends, writing him references as to why I should go on a date with him- I thought that was really romantic,’ explains the Queensland children’s entertainer, 27.
Queensland swimwear designer Noni, 25, has been treated to a very special valentine’s day before. ‘My ex took me zip lining in Canada through the Snowy Mountains, which was thoughtful,’ she shares.
‘My ex-boyfriend surprised me with roses all over the bedroom and “I love you” spelt out in candles, just because. It was really cute,’ says the 24 year old student and former high jump athlete from New South Wales.
‘The best date I’ve been on was when I was whisked away on a speedboat around Melbourne,’ shares the 24 year old project manager from Victoria. ‘There was champagne and cheese…. It was really special!’
‘I go for guys six foot plus. If your children inherit his genes, it opens up the doors.’
‘I’ve had a zillion opportunities to have babies, but I want to wait for the right man first.’

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