We recap episode six of The Bachelor Australia

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s the bachelorettes falling from the sky!

By TV Week team
Tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia picked up right where we left off – with Matty J on the brink of a break-down mid rose ceremony.
Sian caused quite a stir when she admitted that she didn’t want to be on the show anymore, only to change her mind two seconds later declaring that she did in fact want to stay.
So for most of us it came as no huge surprise that Matty, the gentleman that he is, took her outside and asked her to leave. Although, judging the reaction of the rest of the girls. Sian’s departure was the most shocking event to happen on the series so far.
You do know that somebody leaves every episode, right ladies?
The vibe in the Bachie mansion is LOW. Matty needs some lols to lift the mood and chooses to go on a single date with Tara.
Tara makes a lot of noise, if we’re honest she kind of sounds like a child’s bath toy. For their single date, Matty has something VERY elaborate planned. Drumroll…. It’s a tandem bike ride!
Ha! No yacht on the harbour for you Tara!
Tara can barely ride a bike so it’s a very short trip.
Matty attempts to escape the sound of Tara’s screaming.
They ride to a mansion on the harbour and proceed to make pasta. Tara gets very distracted by Matty’s physique and says the word “arse” about 1487 times.
HAHAHAHA I am so uncomfortable right now.
After dinner, talk turns to babies (Matty’s favourite topic) and Tara woos him by sharing her desire to breed in the near future. It’s the correct response and she is rewarded with a rose.
It’s a kiss and a rose for Tara!
Tonight’s group date is terrifying with a side of torture. Matty takes a select group of girls sky diving. Because they hadn’t rolled out the “love is a of leap of faith” metaphor yet this episode.
Simone is clearly terrified of heights and convinced she is about to perish.
Goodbye, sweet world.
The problem is, she is so genuinely afraid it gets a little hard to watch. Eventually, after many tears (we don’t blame her!) she jumps and lands herself some extra time with Matty for her efforts.
You better be worth this Matty…
They have a nice chat, but calling it: there is no real chemistry there. Simone is heading for the friend zone.
At the cocktail party Elyse, who’s had very little screen time as of yet, makes a bold play. She takes Matty “fishing” so he can reel in information about her life. It’s got “Getting To Know Matty J” written all over it. Bravo, Elyse for playing him at his own game.
Fishing for compliments.
Rose ceremony time and Noisey Nat gets a long intro about how nervous she is that she hasn’t had much time with Matty – a clear sign she’s firmly on the chopping block. And guess what? There’s no rose for Nat tonight. Who would have thought?

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