Is Axle Whitehead returning to Home And Away?

The actor hasn’t ruled out another stint in the Bay.

By Sharon Goldstein Hunt
When Axle Whitehead left Home And Away, his on-screen persona Liam Murphy had a lot of growing up to do.
“Liam left the show to go and spend more time with his son Ash and be a better father,” Axle, 36, reflects, adding with a laugh, “That, and stop fraternising with schoolgirls, I think.”
The nature of Liam’s exit storyline meant the door was left ajar for the character to one day reappear in the Bay.
Now, after making a return to our screens as host of The Wall, Axle isn’t ruling out the possibility of rejoining the cast of Home And Away.
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“Never say never,” he smiles. “I haven’t had the offer yet, but we’ll wait and see.”
Like many former Home And Away stars, Axle has nothing but praise for the popular Aussie drama.
“It’s such a successful show because it feels like a family,” Axle says. “The crew is unlike any I’ve worked with − it’s such a family and they’re all bloody hard workers.
“You spend 12 to 14 hours a day with these people – and once you become part of that family, you don’t have an ego. You just get the work done.”
The other aspect of the job that Axle misses is shooting in stunning locations.
“Where we filmed was incredible, geographically,” he enthuses. “We would be having breakfast at Palm Beach [on Sydney’s northern beaches, where much of Home And Away is filmed] in the morning − and even watching whales some days!”
Axle, who’s been based in LA the past few years, occasionally reunites with his former co-stars while abroad.
“I see some of the guys I worked with in LA from time to time,” the star says. “You try to touch base with them, but everyone is doing their own thing.”

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