Australia's Got Talent judges Shane Jacobsen and Nicole Scherzinger tell all

Including first impressions of their fellow judges

By Zara Zubeidi
The revamped series of Australia's Got Talent is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Judges Shane Jacobson and Nicole Scherzinger say it was hard to watch some of the more dangerous acts on stage.
"There were so many moments where I was like, 'Oh, my God – I'm about to watch somebody die,'" Shane tells TV WEEK. "We had paramedics waiting in the wings. It was really full-on."
US singer and celebrity Nicole, 41, calls those moments "unbearable".
"I couldn't even watch," she says. "It was too scary or grotesque."
Shane, Lucy, Nicole and Manu have bonded behind the panel.
Former Bachelorette contestant Apollo Jackson, who recently appeared in a promo for the show, is set to be an act that has the judges and fans watching with baited breath. The gripping teaser shows the professional magician being strapped into a straitjacket before being suspended and set of fire.
Horror moments aside, both Shane and Nicole declare working on the panel alongside My Kitchen Rules star Manu Feildel, 45, and actress Lucy Durack, 36, was a highlight.
"Shane was the first person I encountered and he was hilarious," Nicole says. "He just took me under his wing. Lucy seemed like a real-life Disney character, like something from Frozen. I didn't even know if she was real. She's so lovely.
"I didn't know who Manu was when they sat me right next to him, but we hit it off. He's an amazing team player and has a great sense of humour.
"I loved the panel and going to work every day!"
Shane explains that "there's no guarantee you'll all get along".
"But we're so lucky the four of us have a great time," he says.

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