Sarah Harris brings the festive cheer for the annual Christmas With The Australian Women’s Weekly special

''Christmas has always been about the kids.''

By Laura Masia
Sarah Harris hasn't written much on her Christmas wish list. Instead, all she wants is a bit more joy than we had this year.
"2020 has been a rubbish year for a lot of people," the host of breakfast show Studio 10 tells TV WEEK.
But although Sarah is willing to call a spade a spade, she's determined to do her best to bring as much happiness to the Christmas season as possible as she hosts the annual Christmas With The Australian Women's Weekly.
"This is a present to the country," the 39-year-old says, inviting viewers to kick back and indulge in some beautiful cooking, arts, crafts and gift-giving.
"We wanted to celebrate the festive cheer of Christmas in a COVID-safe way," Sarah explains. "So even if you can't be with your family, it's a great chance to spend it with our little TV family and get into a festive mood."
Sarah is bringing us festive joy. (Supplied)
While she admits that she's not that skilled in the kitchen, with the help of MasterChef Australia alumni Amina Elshafei and Sarah Tiong, even Sarah manages to create some delicious Christmas fare.
"I stuff a turkey, which is hilarious… and easy!" she says. "I don't cook that much and, I've got to say, it was idiot-proof!"
Although the table is packed with lively characters such The Living Room's Barry Du Bois and Sarah's new Studio 10 co-host Tristan McManus, when they enjoy a Yuletide feast, it's Tristan's four-year-old daughter Echo who really steals the show.
"She had the whole table in hysterics!" Sarah says with a laugh.
Sarah doesn't consider herself an amazing cook, but she can pull of a great turkey. (Supplied)
For Sarah, it's exactly what the holiday season is all about.
"Christmas has always been about the kids," she reflects, thinking of her sons, Paul, four, and Harry, two.
"Seeing their little faces as they unwrap presents and play with their cousins…it's about getting together and spreading love, not germs!"
And while the boys will be tearing wrapping paper off some goodies under the tree, Sarah and her husband Tom Ward are determined to teach them to be thankful and cherish all that they have.
"I grew up with a single mum raising me, so Christmas didn't come with all the trimmings," she says. "We had a few presents – as much as my dear mum could afford – but there was always a lot of love around.
"I hope I can take a bit of what I learnt and instil it in them too."

Remembering her origins, Sarah is beyond thankful for her good fortune.
"When I started out as a news journo, I never thought I'd be hosting an Australian Women's Weekly special, or even be on the cover," she enthuses. "It's a dream come true!"
Although Sarah is living her dreams, she never forgets the Aussies who have done it tough this year.
But through all the pain, she still sees hope.
"Even though we've seen the death toll and job losses [as a consequence of COVID-19] rise, we've also seen glimpses of pure humanity," she says. "They make me proud to be an Aussie, and that's what keeps me going."

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