Shock twist on Australian Survivor

A tribe swap occurred during last night’s episode.

By TV Week team
The tables were turned last night on Australian Survivor.
Jonathan LaPaglia surprised Samatau when he issued a double elimination at Tribal Council.
But instead of being sent home, the two eliminated contestants were sent to a separate beach!
Viewers were left stunned when both Tara Pitt (top, left) and Annaliese Wilson were voted out during last night’s episode, but in a shocking turn of events which hasn't happened on the Australian version before, Jonathan saved the two contestants.
The ladies spent the night on Exile Beach before joining the rival tribe Asaga.
Queenlander Tara Pitt told the Herald Sun that she is ready for any backlash from fans of the show.
“They are not going to like it, because I get a second chance,” Tara said.
“They are probably going to think, maybe a tribe swap is OK, or I should be just sent home.
“A lot of people are going to think, why should myself and Anneliese stay? I can sense there will be a few super fans who will not enjoy that I got saved. They are a very strong bunch, they don’t back down.”

This is the first time that a trip swap has happened in the Australian series, but it is a manoeuvre which is used regularly in American Survivor.
The first time a ‘switch’ occurred in the US format of Survivor was in season three of Survivor: Africa.
Usually half of the tribe members are sent to the other and vice versa so that both tribes have equal numbers but there have been exceptions to this.
Specifically in Survivor: Nicaragua when one tribe had nine members and the other had seven.
We wonder what other strategies Australian Survivor will borrow from the American format as the season progresses?

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