Australian Survivor: Luke Toki's best moments

We'll miss the 'King Of The Jungle'.

By Jacqui King
Luke Toki was easily the fan favourite of this series of Australian Survivor, but his tribe mates seemed to disagree and instead sent him packing last night at tribal council.
The 30-year-old mining technician told News Corp that he found out just 20 minutes before they went to tribal that the vote had flipped and that he was next on the chopping block. He believes it may have been a different outcome had Locklan ‘Locky’ Gilbert lost the immunity challenge.
With six castaways remaining, Luke was happy how he was portrayed on the show - a kind-hearted jokester.
“I always wondered how they would edit me. I like to have fun, and I wasn’t sure how they were going to portray me, but it’s been great," he said.
Now, that he’s gone, let’s look back at our favourite Luke moments
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The three little musketeers, Luke, Jericho [Malabonga] and Henry** [Nicholson], decided to steal the rest of the jam one night and then flat out lied about it the next day. The inside joke between the trio was hilarious to watch - they were like teenagers trying (not very well) to keep a big secret.
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When Jericho got a secret jar of cookies, he could have hidden them for himself and not shared with anyone. But his bromance with Luke was too strong so he pulled him into his cookie crew. When the two of them were eating the sweets late at night while the rest of their tribe slept, the two of them plotted to sprinkle cookie crumbs over people's pillows to mess with them. So. Brilliant.
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Luke made a secret spot near the water well so that he could overhear his tribe mates talk strategy. Covered by trees and branches, Luke would lay down like a total creeper and spy on people for his own advantage. It worked well for him when he heard Tessa plotting against him, which then led to her getting the boot at the next tribal council.
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