Australian Survivor: Jonathan LaPaglia gives his verdict on the final four

Less than one week till the Australian Survivor is crowned!

By TV Week team
We are finally down to the final four contestants on Australian Survivor! Big player Locklan ‘Locky’ Gilbert’s torch was snuffed out last night, leaving behind Michelle Dougan, Jericho Malabonga, Tara Pitt and Peter Conte to battle it out.
Ahead of the live finale on Tuesday night, we asked host Jonathan LaPaglia for his opinion on the remaining contestants.
Host Jonathan LaPaglia


Tara is tenacious and feisty. She's had to fight for her place every day and she never says die. She was voted out of Samatau once but got lucky because it was the tribe swap. She worked hard to find a place at Asaga, using the swap to her advantage, and has now friends from both tribes…
Tara has fought her way to the final four.


Jericho - the Cookie Monster - is a loveable rascal who up till now has never received a single vote. He has coasted through the game relatively unscathed, but has made good moves along the way. He uses his friendly nature to trick people into trusting him but he's not easily fooled.
Cookie Monster Jericho.


Michelle has been underestimated from day one. She's never been particularly strong or popular within the tribe, but her incredible social skills have helped her orchestrate some of the biggest moves of the game. Nobody fools Michelle, she can spot a lie a mile away and she is calm under pressure.
Michelle always speaks her mind.


Peter has played a very subtle game. He has been in numerous strong alliances that have been blindsided and decimated, and yet he survives. He started on Samatau and had a tough break when he was swapped to Asaga with AK. Once again, he survived and made it to the merge, where he has often been on the wrong side of the numbers.
Peter has played a quiet game.

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