Australian Survivor winner Jericho's insane weight loss

Australian Survivor is the most extreme diet you could ever go on.

By Jacqui King
Just last week Jericho Malabonga was crowned the winner of Australian Survivor 2017 and Tara Pitt the runner-up.
The duo, along with the other 22 contestants, saw dramatic changes in their bodies as they survived on rice, beans and coconuts on a remote Samoan island for 55 days. Their diets were extremely restricted bar only for some occasional reward challenges of KFC and pizza.
Yesterday, Jericho posted a shocking photo of his dramatic weight loss to his Instagram page (see below). His caption read: "Before and after survivor #nofilter Fitness peeps help me get back into shape! TAG A PT!! #55days #transformation #survivorisreal #sunblackskin #hairgrew #healthylifestyle to #fooddeprived #gym to #nogym"
Jericho told TV WEEK he lost 7kg all up while filming Survivor. "The show deteriorates your body," he said about the experience.
Scroll through to see how the other contestants fared in Samoa.

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