20 thoughts you had while watching Australian Ninja Warrior

Number 17: Parkour looks like fun. I might try it next time I go outside.

By Elisa Parry
Watching Australian Ninja Warrior is a conflicting experience.
At times you find yourself thinking that if you wanted to, you could probably take on the challenge – it doesn’t look THAT hard after all. But then you take a closer look at the muscles on the contestants, and the muscles on your own arms and legs, and quickly reassess.
The trouble is, the contestants that do succeed make it look easy – and the ones that don’t, well they make it look as painful as it probably is.
Here are 20 thoughts that you probably has while watching Ninja Warrior.
1. The course doesn’t look THAT hard. Does it?
2. Pretty sure I did that rope swing into the river as a kid every weekend.
3. It’s basically a child’s playground on steroids.
4. Starting to doubt that a single person on earth could complete this course.
5. Maybe Chuck Norris could?
6. Would watch Chuck Norris try.
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7. Is the water hot or cold?
8. How do these contestants get so fit?
9. Who has time to go to the gym THAT often?
10. Ouch – that stack looked painful.
11. How much protein do these people eat?
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12. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.
13. It’s probably bad that I’m judging these people when I can’t do a single push up.
14. The swinging ladder does look really hard. Maybe that’s the one thing I wouldn’t be able to do.
15. Should they have made the course a little easier?
16. Just get to the top of the wall. GET UP THERE!
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17. Is ANYONE going to make it to the end?
18. Oh look! Someone made it. If he can do it. I probably can too.
19. Parkour looks like fun. I might try it next time I go outside.
20. I should probably start training for next season right now.

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