"I was so overcome with tears!" Ash Pollard's moving tribute

She came, she cooked, she ruffled feathers and make some very unlikely friends!

By Bella Brennan
And now, I'm A Celeb's Ash Pollard is straight back to enjoying to finer things in life.
When we catch up with her, the former MKR star is devouring a ham and cheese toastie with a fried egg on the side.
And as Ash tells us, her post-jungle diet has been the epitome of indulgence and we just love her for it...
The cook can't wait to get back to her beloved Melbourne and enjoy some fine dining.
Talk us through your exit meal? We've seen a lot of salads from other contestants, please tell us you stepped it up a notch?
My exit meal was an entire bowl of M&M'S, followed by an entire bowl of spaghetti bolognese. After that, I had a sticky date pudding, two blocks of chocolate, a packet of chips.
Then I had dinner and two desserts after that. I’m well and truly stuffed but I’m willing to keep going.
You're a woman after our heart! How are you feeling to be out, you seemed a bit shocked when your name was called out?
I was devastated but at the same time, I was elated because I did want to get out but I also wanted to make it to the very end. It was bitter sweet.
Your charity is very dear to your heart, isn't it?
Yes. My charity is Beyond Blue, because my family has dealt with suicide. My mum’s brother took his own life and we have never spoken about that before. And I thought now would be the perfect moment to use my platform to express that and to help and raise money and awareness.
Ash and her very entertaining facial expressions will be missed.
Have you spoken to your family since you left the jungle and unpacked everything?
I haven’t unpacked a lot of the stuff but I FaceTimed them yesterday and I started telling them how hard it was. I was so overcome with tears.
My family have just booked flights and are coming over to spend two weeks with me! My mum, dad and sister are jetting over soon so we'll will be able to share all the stories over some winery tours and beautiful meals.
Speaking of beautiful meals, will you and Pricey will be having a cooking session together?
I think Steve is drawn to strong women! I had a really great relationship with Steve in there and he does owe me a dinner at our favourite restaurant in Melbourne, France-Soir, because I conquered the Viper Room.
I may very well invite him over for dinner a few times because I’ll be launching my eBook in the coming months and I’ll need to test out a few recipes.
What about your MKR castmates, are you in touch with any of them?
Absolutely! Camilla of course, we’re still really good friends and I’m very close with Lynzey Murphy. Eva and Debra send the odd text here and there.
You went into the jungle looking for love but there weren’t really any options. Former I'm A Celeb stars Barry Hall and Lauren Brant initially hated each other on the show but eventually fell in love in the real world. You and Steve Flood butted heads on MKR but you're both single now…
What? Steve Prince single? (Uncontrollable giggles)
No, Steve Flood from MKR!
Oh! Steve Flood! Fat chance, no thank you. I mean there’s only enough room for him and his ego, not me as well.

Fair enough. You and Keira Maguire infamously clashed, do you think you'll patch it up?
I have enough friends in the outside world, I don’t particularly want anymore. I’m pretty picky about whom I befriend and I don’t think Keira is going to be somebody I invite to the movies.
Who would you like to see win the show?
I’d love to see Casey Donovan win, I think she’s a top chick. We need a queen of the jungle and I have dibs on Casey to take that out.
What’s next for you Ash?
I definitely endeavour not to be a contestant on a reality TV show again. I’m moving more towards presenting, radio and television. And if there’s going to be any reality TV, it will be me hosting it.