Are Mark and Sam Survivor's new couple?

We could have another Lee and El situation on our hands.

By Elisa Parry
Last night on Survivor there was some subtle flirting between castaways Mark and Sam, and according to the show’s latest evictee Kate, their relationship is “intense”.
“It’s just so amazing to think that people can find love [on Survivor], but we’ve seen it happen before!” Kate tells TV WEEK. “And chemistry is an interesting thing.”
While she’s certain the pair are very close, she’s not sure just how close.
“I slept with Tess every night, and Tess and I are not in a relationship,” she laughs. “So I don’t know how much to read into that. Time will tell, but it’s an intense relationship.”
Mark had previously told NW that he had hoped to apply for The Bachelor – perhaps he’ll find romance on Survivor instead?
Getting back to the game, last night Kate was a victim of Tarzan’s scheming.
Heading into tribal council, Kate knew she was on the chopping block, but she was still surprised by Tarzan’s betrayal.
“What wasn’t shown was that I had a very strong relationship with Tarzan,” Kate explains. “None of that was really aired, so it was quite shocking that he blindsided me.”
“He made that move, because I think he wanted to make a bit of an imprint on the game,” Kate adds. “It didn’t really come off as big a move as what it was. But to me, it was a big move.”
So perhaps there’s more to Tarzan than we’re being shown? We’ll be watching this space very closely.

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