“We need a break!” Are Hamish and Andy quitting TV?

The comedy duo are ready to take a step back from the spotlight.

They've been busy filming the second series of their hilarious TV show True Story With Hamish & Andy. But now former radio stars Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are taking some much-needed time out to focus on their loved ones.
"A bit of time off would be great," Andy, 36, tells TV WEEK.
"Doing both the TV show and the drive show [which airs on Southern Cross Austereo radio] – we wouldn't call it work, because it's so much fun – last year meant we had a lot on our plate.
"We want to wrestle back a little bit of work/life balance."

Hamish, 36, says the pressure was off once the radio show had ended.
"It was like having left Year 12 at a high school you really enjoyed," the father-of-two explains. "But you can't stay in Year 12 forever."
Andy's girlfriend, model Rebecca Harding, and Hamish's wife, author Zoë Foster Blake, were supportive of the pair as they worked long hours on the set of True Story.
Filming has now wrapped and season two will air later in the year. Andy also stepped behind the camera to direct some episodes.

The long-time mates haven't decided what they want to do next.
"I never really think too far in advance career-wise," Andy admits. "But what I do like doing is creating things, and doing it with my friends.
"For me, personally, it could be acting – one of us acting, one of us directing, whatever."
In the meantime, both are looking forward to the TV WEEK Logie Awards on July 1.
"It's an honour to be part of it," former Gold Logie winner Hamish says of the big night.

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