Woman's Day Exclusive: Another baby for Ketut!

Another mini-me has arrived – and he’s every bit as cute as the man we know as Ketut

Balinese actor Kadek Mahardika – better known as “Ketut” from the AAMI ads – found himself facing the same dilemma that’s confronted so many other new parents.
When he and his Aussie wife Laura’s little bundle of joy arrived, they couldn’t decide on a name.
Watch why Australia fell in love with Ketut in the video below! Post continues...
“He didn’t have a name for two days,” laughs Laura.
“We had two options – Jordy and Lenny – but we couldn’t decide between them because he didn’t look like either! We found it all a bit overwhelming. We were just calling him “Baby” so we started playing rock, paper, scissors – and I won, 
so he’s now become Lenny!” says the doting mum.
Their first born, Mila, worships her new little brother. “Mila loves him to bits and smothers him with love,” Laura says proudly.
Meet the little Lenny and see his first family album in this week's issue of Woman's Day magazine!
Australia took Ketut into their hearts watching the AAMI ad campaign

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