New Bachelorette Angie Kent on the drama already unfolding in The Bachelorette Australia Mansion

“I feel like I’ve frightened them!”

By Karina Recchi
We've grown to love the former Gogglebox and I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star for her down-to-earth, cheeky personality, but we're about to see a new side of Angie Kent as she takes on the role as Bachelorette.
Taking a break from filming the upcoming season of The Bachelorette Australia, Angie walked the red carpet at the TV WEEK Logie Awards flanked by new Bachelor Matt Agnew and host Osher Günsberg, where she admitted it felt "overwhelming and surreal" to be the suitress after commenting on the series from her couch.
"What's exceptional about watching Angie is… I think it must be all the experience of dealing with all the domestic animals in her home because she takes absolutely zero monkey business from the boys," Osher tells TV WEEK, admitting there was a big moment only days earlier.
"The other night she lined them all up and said, 'If any of you bully anyone else you are out!'"
While Angie confesses she "feels like I've frightened them" following that moment, she is determined to find someone special.
"I think I need to back off after that that," she tells TV WEEK. "I've preached this really fun side, and I feel like I need to bring out the fun, dorky Angie."
Meanwhile, Osher and Matt couldn't be prouder.
"It was awesome – so great," Osher says, adding that the fun and dorky Angie will "come when the boys start behaving".
"I think it's good!" proclaims a supportive Matt. "Just, you know, whip them [into shape]!"
Matt and Osher couldn't be prouder of Bachelorette Angie.
While most Bachelorettes have a tough task weeding out the bad boys from the Prince Charmings, Angie's I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! co-stars Richard Reid and Yvie Jones have complete faith that their friend will find The One with no trouble at all.
"She's a very savvy young lady," Yvie tells TV WEEK. "I know they've popped in some absolute diamonds and I honestly think she'll find someone."
"I do, too," agrees Richard. "Angie has been very clear in the jungle – we had a good heart-to-heart. She likes all kinds of guys: young guys, older guys, guys of colour… As long as they can have a sense of humour and don't take themselves too seriously, she's going to come out a winner."
While Yvie and Richard don't have any advice for Angie on her journey to find love, they do have some sage words for the Bachelors competing for her heart.
"Make her laugh, like dogs and don't be a misogynist in any way. She's such a feminist so make sure you adore women the way we should be adored," says Yvie.
And if all else fails, the pair are waiting in the wings of The Bachelorette Mansion to help her whenever she needs it.
"I think Yvie definitely could [make a cameo]," Richard tells TV WEEK. "And I could come in there too!"
Yvie thinks her best pal will definitely find someone on the hit show.
Richard would love to make a cameo on The Bachelorette.
While Angie's season of The Bachelorette Australia won't air until later this year, we are getting VERY close to the beginning of Matt Agnew's season! Get to know the lucky ladies vying for Matt's heart here.

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