EXCLUSIVE: The Amazing Race's Ash and Sid call it quits

“We’ve decided to split”

By Maddison Hockey
The Amazing Race is one of television's most challenging competitions. The pressure to navigate unfamiliar cities around the world in the race for $250,000 is enough to fracture even the strongest of teams.
When TV WEEK spoke to contestant Ash about the trying nature of the show, she revealed she'd split from boyfriend and teammate Sid not long after completing the competition.
"The whole environment of it [The Amazing Race Australia] is designed to create conflict," Ash, 30, says.
"It's an environment that can result in all this tension between teams."
Sid and Ash have called it quits after The Amazing Race. Image: Network 10
Despite the pressures of the race, Ash is adamant the show wasn't the cause of the break-up.
"The race isn't the sole contributor," she explains. "Sid and I have a great relationship; we just decided not to continue our romantic relationship."
The couple endured their share of fights along the way, but Ash says they were to be expected.
"I knew we'd clash and we did," she explains. "But we managed to bounce back most of the time."
The former elite swimmer and social media influencer says she expressed her concerns over the negative effect the show could have on their relationship before signing up.
"I was vocal about being worried," Ash recalls.
Yet, Ash and Sid remain friends since their split. In fact, the pair plan to watch the show back together.
"It's an amazing memory for us, even if we're not going to be together," Ash says. "I'm so excited to watch it as we didn't get to see what the other teams did."
The Amazing Race Australia airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, on 10.

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