Alison Braun has to remove her toxic breast implants

She wowed the nation when she conquered her life back in 2008, and now the former Biggest Loser contestant has jumped another hurdle with the same bravery.

Eight years ago, Alison became a household name when she transformed herself on The Biggest Loser.
Fans were wowed by the single mother, who had to overcome her husband's suicide while battling out her inner demons - ultimately seeing Alison defeat her obesity.
Originally weighing 126 kilograms, the 42-year-old has quite literally shed her past, having lost over 66 kilograms.
But sadly, there's been a road block in the reality star's success story.
Taking to Instagram the mother-of-three revealed the very scary reason she has to go under the knife.
Alison shared this snap straight from her hospital bed.
Beginning her post, Alison penned, "So eight years ago when I stepped of the Biggest Loser I was really proud of what I had achieved and vowed I would always respect the opportunity given and work hard to stay fit and healthy."
"I had my ups and downs literally both in spirit and weight. One year after coming off the show I decided to have surgery to fix my breast."
Explaining her choice, she said, "Basically after breast feeding 3 children and losing nearly 60kg they were just little sacks of skin with a nipple and no matter how much I trained or ate right they were never going to get better. I was humiliated and embarrassed with the way I looked and didn't feel like a woman."
"So I made the choice to fix it."
Unfortunately, Alison discovered that the surgery wasn't the fix she had hoped for, after learning of the poisonous attributes in her implants.
"Today, 7 years on I was back in surgery, unfortunately I had the recalled French PIP implants that were called 'toxic' so the time came to remove them."
"I have put this surgery off for 4 years out of fear."
"Today I was consumed with fear beyond words, my fear had nothing to do what I might look like, the fear was that I'm consciously having someone put me to sleep and I may not wake up," she bravely admitted to her 5k followers.
The former reality star's fear stemmed from being the sole parent to her three children.
Last year, she spoke to Woman's Day and explained that despite the pain that came with losing her husband Robert to suicide after a battle with depression, she had to focus on her health, for her and her family's sake.
And with her decision to go in for surgery, the single parent was burdened with a new fear.
"I'm the only parent my children have left so the fear of no longer being there for them for the sake of just boobs completely consumed me."
The mum of three is in inspired by her kids.
Alison was overjoyed to share her first bikini moment with Woman's Day.
In the end, Alison decided her health comes first and she went under the knife.
"However by the grace of God and an amazing care team I have come out the other side, healthy and feeling great...albeit maybe still enjoying the benefits of pain relief!"
"This past 2 weeks when I have been mentally struggling I have been very blessed to have friends that have loved me and cared for me," she shared.
Adding, "It's little moments like this that highlight what is important in life. It's little moments like this that highlight what is important in life."
Fans were quick to comment on Alison's courage and honesty, with many wishing her a speedy recovery, while others were blown away with the WA girl's incredible display of strength.
“You are such an inspiration! God Bless xx," one user penned, while another admitted, "You're an inspiration to even us blokes. Keep smiling & hold your head up high. Always!!”
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Alison is certainly one of The Biggest Loser's biggest success stories.
“I was horrified. I couldn’t believe how big I was!” She admitted to us about her former self.
Last year, Woman's Day helped her dream come true - doing her first bikini photo shoot, which you can see above. Inspired, the beloved TV contestant took to Facebook during a holiday in Bali, and showed off her new body.
“Yes I know a shameless selfie...why? Because never did I think I would ever take a pic of me in a bikini in Bali,” the bubbly blonde captioned her inspiring bikini selfie, with an inset of an image of herself at 121 kilograms.
Talk about a baben bikini bod!
Alison works out daily but still enjoys eating the food she loves.
Eight years on, and Alison's results still speak volumes - but it comes with hard work as she continues to focus on her health, regularly sharing on Facebook that it takes continuous hard work to keep the weight off.
“When I wake up at 4.50am, my routine is turn off alarm, take Pre Trainer [supplement], have a shower [and] put on gym clothes... this is my clockwork routine everyday!” she told friends.
Indeed her transformation speaks for itself, proving anything is possible with determination!

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