Ajay Rochester: It was more fun being fat

As she opens up on her life before fame, Ajay Rochester tells Glen Williams that for years “running around making fat funny” was her greatest joy.
Ajay Rochester loves looking at her “fat photos”. They cause her to roar with laughter and reflect on what has been a “very big” life. Indeed the former host of The Biggest Loser says her fat days were some of her happiest. Back home from her base in LA, where she is developing some TV projects, it’s a upbeat Ajay who opens up to Woman’s Day, with the help of an overflowing photo album.
“It certainly has been a crazy trip,” she laughs, as she spots photos of herself in various madcap costumes. Despite then being a size 28, it certainly looks like she was having fun.
Ajay, 41, says she looks back at various “fat phases” of her life and can now laugh. “The health issues sucked. Getting heart palpitations from just walking up the stairs really sucked. Chafing during summer sucked. “But I got more loving as a big girl than I did when I was thin. I look at photos of when they put me on a crash diet … I look fabulous, but gee I was hungry and miserable.
“I’d rather not ever work in TV again than have to starve. What I love about LA is they now ‘get’ curvy women. You don’t have to be a stick insect to work there anymore.”
Once weighing in at 140kg, Ajay has lost more than half her body weight – including 11.5kg while hosting her last season of The Biggest Loser.
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