EXCLUSIVE: Adam from Gogglebox is Josh from The Block's brother and their relationship is hilarious

We chatted to one half of Adam and Symon from Gogglebox, Adam Densten.

If you watched Gogglebox this week, you may have noticed that Adam Densten (one half of Adam and Symon) is not the only "reality TV royalty" in his family.
In fact, as the pair sat down on the couch watching The Block, we learned that Adam is the younger brother of Josh Densten from The Block! (WATCH in the player above)
In an exclusive chat with Now to Love, Adam revealed what it's like to have the "All-Star" plumber for a brother.
"I used to be a devotee when he was on the first season in Richmond," Adam revealed.
"And my 21st birthday was the day of The Block open houses - which was such an exciting way to spend my 21st birthday. But he's been on two seasons of The Block and Reno Rumble, so watching him on there is pretty normal."
But when it comes to the other way round, Adam didn't think that his brother watches the show that made him famous, judging by an underwhelming interaction he had with his sibling recently.
"I texted him the other night to say that I watched it [The Block] and that it will be on TV, and he just wrote back, 'yeah, cool'." LOL!
Gogglebox's Adam and his brother, Josh Densten from The Block. (Source: Instagram/fossildensten)
The physio, who has been on the show since it began in 2015, has always looked up to his brother, who he says has always been the "boss and creative one".
"Josh is four years older than me so he was always the one that would create a game and I would have to play within his rules," he admitted.
"When we would play X-Box, I was quite the petulant child and would be the one who be throwing controllers and crying and he would be laughing because he'd like to think of himself as the mature one.
"I also used to think he was super cool because when he got his P plates, he bought a VL Commodore and put a subwoofer in the boot, and I was like, 'damn, this guy is really cool. One day hopefully I can be this cool - and clearly I still haven't reached that standard!"
All jokes aside, the brothers are still pretty close with Adam playing "Uncle Ada" to Josh' daughter, (and one more on the way) Freddie.
"Uncle Ada" and Freddie. (Source: Instagram/fossildensten)
So, what do their parents make of having some reality celebs for kids?
"We both live in Melbourne and Mum and Dad live in Corowa which is four hours away on the Murray River. We don't get home as much as they would like us to get home, so I think, particularly for mum, she enjoys having us in her lounge room. We get regular texts saying 'it was so nice to have you in the house'."
When asked if they're proud of him for being famous for watching television, Adam quipped: "Well, I just hope they're not ashamed!"
Adam and Symon on the couch! (Source: Instagram/Fossildensten)
Both Adam and friend from the couch, Symon, are huge Gogglebox fan-favourites, even being asked to accept the TV WEEK Logie wins for Most Popular show on behalf of the cast - so, it's no surprise they're getting recognised on the street. Sort of.
"People are very confused about where they know us," Adam admitted. "They ask if we work at their local Kmart or if we play sport with their's mostly confusion."
He says that, but the pair are two of the most popular cast members on the show - and even have their own podcast called "The Adam and Symon Show".
"It's not the most cerebral podcast in the world," Adam said. "You might learn something once or every two episodes. It's just a very easy way to talk about the stupid things that are going on in our lives and to over analyse.
"We actually record it on a Monday night at 10.30pm in the Morwin City band soundproof rooms, which is connected to Symon's lacrosse club room and we finish recording about midnight so that's why things get a little bit ridiculous."
You can hear Adam and Symon's podcast HERE and catch them on Gogglebox every Wednesday (Foxtel) and Thursday (Network Ten).