Ada Nicodemou: ‘I’ve been through awful times’

Ada Nicodemou reveals how she found happiness and rediscovered herself after heartbreak.

By Kietley Isrin
Single mum and Home And Away star Ada Nicodemou is no stranger to personal heartache. The actress tragically lost her second son, Harrison, when he was delivered stillborn in August 2014. Just 18 months later, Ada separated from her husband of nine years, Chrys Xipolitas.
The 40-year-old is the first to admit the past few years have been painful.
But if there’s one thing fans have come to love about Ada, it’s her ability to smile when times are tough.
“I’ve been through awful times,” Ada reveals. “But my perspective on life has changed and I don’t take a moment for granted. I don’t sweat the small stuff.”

When it comes to overcoming her personal struggles, Ada credits her dear friend and Home And Away co-star Lynne McGranger (who plays Irene) for helping her look on the brighter side of life again.
“We can have a laugh. She’s a beautiful friend and person. She’s been through the awful times with me and she’s supported me through that. We’re both very loyal to each other.”
These days, there’s nothing Ada loves more than spending time with her pride and joy, her five-year-old son, Johnas.
“I feel so blessed to have such a healthy child, and such a beautiful, happy, warm and funny child,” she smiles.
Ada admits she’s a helicopter parent, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Ada's HAA character, Leah
“Yes, I’m a very protective mother,” she laughs. “If you look up the definition of helicopter mum, I’m that.
“But it just comes naturally. What mother isn’t over-protective? I feel that’s our job. It’s our duty to look after them. If Johnas is hurt, it hurts me.”
Ada has spent nearly 18 years playing fan favourite Leah Patterson-Baker. But the actress is adamant she has no desire to move on anytime soon.
“I love the people on Home And Away,” she enthuses. “I love the crew and I love the cast.
“We have such a great laugh. There isn’t a day when I’m like, ‘I don’t want to be here anymore’ − like, literally in 18 years, which is pretty rare.
“I’m a Greek girl too, so I like stability and don’t like change.”
Many of Ada’s former co-stars, including Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Kwanten, made a beeline for Hollywood after leaving the show. But unlike her predecessors,
Ada is more than content to call Australia and Summer Bay home.
“I’m still really happy here,” she grins. “I can’t see myself going anywhere anytime soon.
“Obviously, everything comes to an end. But because I came to Home And Away a little older than some of the others, and I’d done so much prior to that, I don’t have the same need to go off to try other things. I’m never bored.
“And I’m a mum now – I don’t know how much more I can fit in.”
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