Abbie Cornish, Katie McGrath and Georgina Haig headline Seven’s new drama Secret Bridesmaids’ Business

“This story is begging to be told!”

By Tina Burke
Abbie Cornish has been confirmed to lead Channel Seven's new female-driven romantic thriller Secret Bridesmaids' Business.
The Australian actress is known for her performances at home and abroad, with some of her most famous roles including parts in home-grown films Somersault and Candy, and international sensations Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Jack Ryan.
Abbie is joined in Secret Bridesmaids' Business by fellow Aussie Georgina Haig (Underbelly, INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, Once Upon A Time) and Katie McGrath (Supergirl, Merlin, Jurassic World).
The cast also includes Alexander England (Offspring, The Beautiful Lie), Dan Spielman (Deep Water, The Code, Sisters), Oliver Ackland (The Originals, 100 Bloody Acres, Satisfaction), Annie Jones (Neighbours, Wentworth, Jack Irish) and Nicholas Bell (A Place To Call Home, Wentworth, Mad as Hell).
The series was first confirmed last year, with Seven Studios commencing principal photography on Thursday in Melbourne.
Katie McGrath, Abbie Cornish and Georgina Haig headline Seven Studio's new drama Secret Bridesmaids' Business (Image: Channel Seven).
The Seven Studios drama follows a bride's perfect wedding that turns deadly, when one of the bridesmaids unknowingly invites a malevolent stranger in to their lives, triggering a deadly chain reaction that blows open a hidden world of secrets.
Abbie stars as Melanie, a woman who seemingly "has it all" with a successful career and a beautiful home with her husband and children.
"There is a sharp dichotomy between Melanie's seemingly perfect suburban life with a happy marriage and wonderful children versus her increasing ventures into the unknown and often dangerous," Abbie says in a statement about the upcoming role.
"From the first moment, I was drawn to Melanie's complexities as a mid-30's woman whose concerns, stresses, and priorities are eerily relevant to suburban life. Hers is a story begging to be told."
Abbie stars as Melanie (Image: Getty).
Katie stars as Saskia, a fast-rising lawyer described as a 'high-octane British truth-bomb' and a 'wildly-independent bisexual.' She holds a secret that could mean the end of her friendship with her best friend, Olivia, who is played by Georgina.
"I love the core friendship of the three very different women. Each woman is strong in her own way, but knows how to be vulnerable with their friends," Katie says.
Katie stars as Saskia (Image: Getty).
Georgina stars as Olivia, a woman whose near-death experience with leukaemia has made her determined to follow her dreams. She's pinned as vibrant, witty and optimistic, but when she discovers something very dark about a loved one, it drives her to bury her own secret to protect those around her.
"Olivia is a grounded optimist who tries to be less vulnerable than she is, because she wears her heart on her sleeve but wishes she didn't so much. She's tough one minute then crumbling the next," Georgina reveals.
Georgina stars as Olivia (Image: Getty).
No word yet on when the series will premiere, but it's sure to be a big hit with such an incredible line up of stars.

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