Wedding of the year! Aaron and David tie the knot in a heartwarming episode of Neighbours

'It’s truly a special thing to be part of!'

For loved-up couple Aaron and David, it's been a long journey full of ups and downs. Having survived so much, the pair is finally ready to tie the knot in Neighbours this week. Their nuptials will be the first same-sex wedding on Australian television since last year's resounding "Yes" vote.
In true soap opera style, before they can make it down the aisle, everything that could go wrong, does.
When Susan (Jackie Woodburne) cancels as their celebrant, the men are left scrambling for a replacement.
Thankfully, a stranger at The Waterhole offers to step in. The eccentric woman, played by much-loved comic actress Magda Szubanski, is happy to stand in at the last minute – for a fee.
With no other options, the grooms agree.
"She's larger than life," Magda, 57, tells TV WEEK of her character. "But there are many shades to her."
Magda guest stars as the celebrant at Aaron and David's wedding.
Meanwhile, Aaron (Matt Wilson) has been under strain, both physically and emotionally, thanks to Paul's (Stefan Dennis) domineering ways.
Now, as he prepares for his big day with David (Takaya Honda), the pressure becomes too much for Aaron. His back suddenly gives out, forcing him into a wheelchair.
Heartbroken and unable to walk, Aaron fears he won't make it down the aisle without assistance.
"Just what every groomzilla needs: a crippling injury that threatens to ruin the big day!" Matt, 30, says.
"At the same time, Aaron and David don't have a celebrant to marry them on the day. What more could go wrong?"
Determined that their special day go ahead, Aaron turns to Mark (Scott McGregor) and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) for support.
With a sibling on either side, he manages to meet David at the altar.
With the support of his family, Aaron makes it down the aisle.
In the company of their family and closest friends, David and Aaron exchange vows in a heartwarming declaration of love.
"Matty and I have put a lot of effort into fostering the relationship between Aaron and David," Takaya, 30, says.
"To finally be here feels amazing. It's truly a special thing to be part of."
Now presenting the grooms!
The first kiss!
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