End of the Weld: Looking back at 800 Words’ best moments ahead of the series finale

From births, to betrayals, to break-ups, there’s never been a dull day in Weld.

By Tamara Cullen
There's a lot to love about 800 Words.
From the very start, the family-centric series had heart, humour and a mischievous goat – what more could we ask for?
George Turner (Erik Thomson) was the quintessential dad hoping to do what's best for his kids. And the quirky Weld locals proved life can be both messy and marvellous.
With an endless selection of reality shows on TV, it's a shame to send this beloved drama to the scrap heap.
We laughed, we cried and we relished seeing TV WEEK Logie winner Erik back at his best.
So it's with a heavy heart we bid farewell to a hit drama that showcased what Aussies (and Kiwis) are all about.
Here's to you, Weld! Stay wonderful.
Click through to relive some of the best moments from 800 Words.

Woody and Tracey’s beach wedding

They fought, they made up, they nearly didn't make it to the altar… After much ado, Woody and Tracey (Emma Leonard, left) finally said "I do" in a beachside ceremony and there wasn't a dry eye in town. Then again, that might have been due to Woody's eye-watering suit!

George and Woody’s excellent adventure

Lying to your fiancée and running off in search of your ex-wife was never a good idea. But with George in tow, Woody's (Rick Donald) Great Outback Adventure turned into one epic journey. It was also a huge success when the daughter Woody never knew popped (literally) into his life.

George and Katie kiss – again!

800 Words has always been about widower George trying to start over and find new love. He's had some hiccups along the way, but when he and Katie (Anna Jullienne, above) kissed again and decided to get together, it was the happy moment fans had been waiting for.

Shay likes Ike

Sure, they'd had a messy break-up and she said she was over him, but the reality of life without Ike (Alex Tarrant) hit Shay (Melina Vidler) hard when his boat capsized and he vanished. All her denial about her feelings went out the window when she saw him alive again.

Father’s day

Uncertainty over the paternity of Jan's (Bridie Carter) twins sent two countries into a spin, with three contenders either hopeful, terrified or resigned that it might be him. After the babies were born, a test revealed Aussie Steve (Mark Ferguson) was the dad – but George also had a "what if?" moment of his own.
The season four finale of 800 Words airs Tuesday, 8:45pm, on Channel Seven.

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