7th Heaven: Where are they now?

A decade after the show ended – and with reboot rumours swirling – we check in with the Camden clan!

Barry Watson (Matt Camden)

After turning up as Serena van der Woodsen's man candy in the final season of Gossip Girl in 2012, Barry, 43, appeared on Masters Of Sex and Hart Of Dixie and is currently starring in the TV comedy Date My Dad alongside Raquel Welch.
But it seems the father-of-three – who's now married to his third wife, Natasha Gregson Wagner – is totally up for returning to the show that made him famous.
"I'd be open to doing something," he says. "I love all those folks."
In fact, he's still so tight with his 7th Heaven co-stars he posted a throwback of them all on Insta in September and captioned the pic,
"Guess who's coming to lunch tomorrow?"
Where was our invite?!
Barry's starred on Masters Of Sex and Hart Of Dixie and is currently in the TV comedy Date My Dad.

David Gallagher (Simon Camden)

After playing cute kid Simon for over a decade, David, 33, admits it was hard at first to shake off the Camden tag.
"It was a wonderful show and a great role and it did a lot of great things for me.
But ultimately, at the end of the day, I wanted to be challenged by something new," says the star, who needn't have worried about future work.
He's since starred on Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, CSI and the 2011 sci-fi blockbuster Super 8.
It's hard to believe the blonde teen from the show is now 33 years old!

Stephen Collins (Eric Camden)

He might have played a reverend on the show, but the actor had a shocking fall from grace in 2014 when his ex-wife leaked a tape of him confessing to molesting three underage girls.
"I deeply regret the mistakes I've made," said Stephen, 70, who was promptly fired from movie Ted 2.
But despite his appalling actions, the show's creator Brenda Hampton says she "would include" Stephen if a 7th Heaven reunion ever went ahead.
Stephen Collins has suffered a tragic fall from grace.

Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden)

Catherine, 66, has popped up in a string of made-for-TV movies over the years, and is up for a reunion.
But it hinges on one condition: "We would have to open with Stephen's coffin."

Jessica Biel (Mary Camden)

Jessica Biel has been a busy bee since leaving Glenoak.
As well as becoming Mrs Timberlake in 2012 – and welcoming her and Justin's son Silas Randall nearly three years later – the actress, 35, has starred in movies including Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, and scored a smash hit last year with her Netflix series The Sinner – which also netted her her very first Golden Globe nom!
But Jess admits she was a bit of a troublemaker on the wholesome 7th Heaven set, saying, "The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologising."
WATCH: Jessica's thriller, The Sinner. Post continues...
Jess, pictured with hubby Justin Timberlake, has just landed her first Golden Globes nomination.

Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie Camden)

Mackenzie, now 28, shed her good girl image – and her clothes – for a Maxim shoot in 2013.
But there's one thing she won't be dropping, and that's her ongoing friendship with her on-screen sisters.
"It's a 100-person family," says The Secret Life Of The American Teenager star, who reunited with Bev and Jess in February last year.

Beverley Mitchell (Lucy Camden)

"I still feel like that awkward 15-year-old," says the actress, now 37, of her formative years on 7th Heaven.
Still, the mother-of-two – who is married to Michael Cameron – released her own country album in 2006 and is currently starring in US TV comedy Hollywood Darlings, alongside fellow former '90s child stars Jodie Sweetin and Christine Lakin.
Beverley dabbled in country music.

Lorenzo & Nikolas Brino (Sam & David Camden)

Nikolas and Lorenzo – who are actually part of a set of quadruplets! – were five months old when they made their debut in the third season...
Now 19, the pair have bowed out of the spotlight since the show ended, with 7th Heaven being their last acting credit.
Lorenzo is all grown up!
And so is his bro, Nikolas.

Geoff Stults (Ben Kinkirk)

Hey, who didn't have a crush on Mary's hunky fireman boyfriend Ben? And it turns out former footballer Geoff, 40 – who's appeared in Wedding Crashers, She's Out of My League and The Break-Up – is still hot... and in demand!
Yep, he's starring alongside Chris Hemsworth in the war flick 12 Strong, out later this year.
And, ladies, he's looking hotter than ever...

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