10 reasons why you NEED to watch the Real Housewives of Sydney

Sex, scandals and a whole lotta sass, here's why you have to tune in to RHOS, stat!

By Gabriella Del Grande
If you've ever wondered how the other half live (admit it, we all have) then you have to tune into The Real Housewives of Sydney.
This explosive new series joining The Real Housewives franchise is set to blow your Louboutins off, with seven of Sydney's wealthiest, feistiest and most fabulous women - Matty Samaei, Athena X Levendi, Lisa Oldfield, Krissy Marsh, Victoria Rees, Nicole O'Neil and Melissa Tkautz - giving us an all-access look at their luxurious (and equally dramatic) lives.
And if you're not intrigued enough to tune in, here are 10 reasons why you need to watch this jaw-droppingly fiery series, premiering Sunday, February 26 at 8:30pm only on Foxtel’s Arena.
1. It's a real-life Mean Girls
While we're yet to confirm that they definitely wear pink on Wednesdays, these women's lives are like the middle-aged Plastics with their cliques, feuds and endless (yet addictive) drama. And yes, the drama comes a plenty with bitch fights savage enough to make you squirm.
"You were the mean girls, and you ARE the mean girls," Athena slammed her co-stars this week, before they all basically told her it takes one to know one.
She also told NW that she was the most picked on of the group.
Unless you ask Matty who says that they're all just one big dysfunctional and sometimes happy family.
"No one’s been bullied," she tells us. "It’s actually very fair."
Matty Samaei, cosmetic nurse and Botox Queen of Double Bay
2. 10 Minute Orgasms
Yes, you read that right. "Spritual gangster" - as she likes to be known - Athena told NW that her jeweller husband Panos can make women have, well, 10 minute orgasms. Er, talk about NSFW!
3. So. Much. Booze
The girls don't mind a Skinny Bitch - their cocktail of choice - or two.
"I think I can handle a drink," Krissy, whose also been dubbed the biggest party girl by some of the other women, says.
But not all of them can deal with their drink.
"I'm a lightweight," Lisa adds.
But when they're not downing their booze, they're throwing it on each other, with the promo showing Victoria raining her cocktail all over the girls. Yikes!
4. Oh and money too!
You know these ladies are rich when they're using the quality of their diamonds as an argument starter.
"Talk to my six-carat you b*tch!" Athena screams at Nicole, ring finger pointed at her face in the first ep. Only for the former Miss Australia to respond, "Mine's eight-and-a-half!"Somehow we don't think our Lovisa jewellery would get us very far on this show.
5. Things get physical
Speaking of Victoria throwing things, entrepreneur and Bondi's First Lady Victoria also reportedly threw some fists during a trip to Singapore with the cast and crew.
"What they wrote in the magazines, that wasn’t true," she told us. "Something happened but it wasn’t what they wrote."
6. There's surgery galore!
Considering Matty owns her own clinic, Medispa by Matty, in Double Bay the girls are nipped and tucked to the nines, with some of the girls (we won't spoil who) even paying her a visit throughout the series.
But when it comes to who's had the most.
"Definitely me," Matty tells us.
7. There's a cheating scandal
"One of my girlfriends was sleeping with my husband while I was sleeping upstairs...," a now single Victoria has reveals.
8. Someone almost drowns
In of the women's lavish holidays they jet off for, Lisa told us that she almost drowned. OMG!
"We went snorkelling and there was a rip so I got caught in a rip," she says. "I was saying to the crew, ‘Help, help!’"
9. So many rivalries
Yep, you already guessed it - not all of these gals get along.
While there's some serious tension between Victoria and Athena in the first episode and throughout, with Athena since dubbing Victoria "hideous" and "despicable," firecrackers Lisa and Krissy also don't get along, like, at all!
"She’s just a snowflake," Lisa tells NW of Krissy. "She’s offended by everything yet at times she can be incredibly offensive and she doesn’t see that. I don’t think she has a lot of self-respect."
While Krissy tells us that Lisa - who's married to former One Nation politician David Oldfield - is the one person she'd eliminate from the show. Ouch!
10. #NoFilter
As you can probably gather from the past nine points, these women do not hold back. Ever.
"I was ready to walk off after one event," Krissy says of the OTT antics of her co-stars. "I’ve never ever seen behaviour like that. It was actually at one of my friend’s art gallery – I couldn’t even tell my family [about it]. My husband had flown in because he lives in China, I couldn’t even tell him it was that bad."
Eek! Yet some of the girls wish they let it rip even more!
"You know what, my biggest regret is that I didn’t go for it more," Nicole tells us. "I think I held back a bit. Sometimes I bit my tongue."
Probably wasn't a bad thing at times...