10 of the most memorable Dawson's Creek moments

Can you believe Dawson's Creek first aired 20 years ago?

By Loren Howarth
For six seasons, the tight-knit group of Dawson's Creek went on the rollercoaster which is teenage life. And with this cult-classic turning 20 this week, we thought we'd look back at the show's most memorable and heartbreaking moments. Be warned – you might need some tissues!

When Pacey broke down in front of his drunk, passed out Dad

Imitating a father figure he wishes he had, Pacey (Joshua Jackson) completely broke down and let it all out in front of his (sleeping) dad (John Finn). He talked about his love for Andie (Meredith Monroe) and confesses how much his dad's lack of effort with him has affected his life. When Pacey started crying, we did too.

When Grams defended Jack

A highlight for Grams (Mary Beth Peil) is when she stood up to a stranger who was judging Jack's (Kerr Smith) life because of his sexual orientation. You go, Grams!

When Jack's dad finally accepted him

Jack went through a lot during the series, and boy was it hard to watch. After breaking down and saying he "didn't ask to be gay", his father (David Dukes) responded with "No more than I asked for a gay son… But, boy, am I glad I got one."
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When Abby dies

Not only was this the first recurring character to die, the death of Abby Morgan (Monica Keena) really impacted the group. The teens learnt how to grieve for the first time and it also allowed Andie to deal with the death of her older brother Tim (Scott Denny).

When Dawson told Lily about soul mates based off his relationship with Joey

After his little sister Lily (Kristen Solt) asks him about soul mates, Dawson tells her what it means from his memories with Joey. Talk about pulling at the heartstrings.

When Dawson’s dad died

Following a big fight with his father Mitch (John Wesley Shipp), Dawson leaves to move to Boston. On that very night, Mitch is killed in a car accident after taking his eyes off the road to pick up an ice cream he dropped. Dawson's grief is evident in the anxiety attacks he has following the traumatic events.

When Dawson and Joey finally kissed

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After waiting for what feels like forever to happen, one of the most memorable moments is when Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey (Katie Holmes) lock lips for the first time.

When Jen filmed a video message for her daughter before she died

Two words: absolutely heartbreaking. It was already bad enough to see Jen (Michelle Williams) not want to die, but seeing her film a message for her daughter tipped us over the edge and into a puddle of tears.

When Jen and Pacey had their final scene together

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With Jen freaking out about leaving her daughter alone, Pacey reassured her that he and Amy (Meredith Salenger) would look after the baby. But the waterworks really started when they shared their final hug.

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