William can’t keep his hands (or eyes) off Kate

Royal protocol bans William and Kate from kissing or cuddling in public, but the young couple couldn’t help themselves yesterday, throwing their arms around each other as Britain won another gold medal.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watched the British men’s cycling sprint team ride to victory in the velodrome.

The young royals were overjoyed by the result, jumping up and down when team GB crossed the finish line first.

It’s not the first time William and Kate have engaged in a public display of affection – here are some of our favourite romantic moments between the pair.

William and Kate embrace at the cycling.

The couple were thrilled with the result.

William and Kate share a moment at the Olympic tennis.

The couple exchange a loving look at the equestrian.

William and Kate at the equestrian.

Kate shoots William a playful look.

Kate and William at a pre-Olympics event.

The couple during the Trooping of the Colour in June.

William and Kate’s affection was on show at Wimbledon.

The couple broke protocol during their Canadian tour last year, hugging in public.

William and Kate exchange a loving look in Yellowknife.

The Duchess lovingly touches William’s stomach in Canada last year.

William helps his wife into her new jumper at Blachford Lake in Canada last year.

Kate looks adoringly at William at a tree-planting ceremony in Ottawa last year.

William looks in awe of his wife in LA last year.

The couple whisper to each other at a citizenship ceremony in Ottawa.

William couldn’t keep his hands off his wife as they visited a charity in December.

William shoots an admiring glance at Kate on the red carpet in December.

The couple share a joke in the rain on Prince Edward Island in 2011.

The couple at a charity gala in November.

The couple share a joke at a concert in December.

William and Kate were very tactile when they visited Copenhagen last November.

Kate tries not to laugh at William on the red carpet in January.

Kate found William’s joke very amusing in LA last year.

William guides his wife through the crowd in Yellowknife, Canada, last July.

William and Kate chatting as they strolled along the beach in Canada.

The couple exchange another loving glance on Prince Edward Island in 2011.

Kate reaches for William’s arm in Ottawa.

Kate turns to look for William in Ottawa last July.

The couple attended a concert to celebrate Canada Day, but only had eyes for each other.

William gazes at his new wife with obvious admiration in Montreal.

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