William and Kate meet Mary and Fred

Australia’s two favourite princesses came face-to-face yesterday when Kate Middleton visited Princess Mary in Copenhagen.

Kate looked radiant in ruby red as she and Prince William visited Denmark for their first joint humanitarian mission.

They met Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at their palace for some tea before visiting a UNICEF warehouse to support the charity’s East Africa Appeal.

It was the first time Kate has met Mary and the visit showed just how much the royal ladies have in common.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Mary.

Kate and Mary seemed to get along very well.

William, Kate, Mary and Frederik chat outside the UNICEF warehouse.

Kate looked absolutely stunning in a red coat.

Kate and William couldn’t stop staring at each other throughout the visit.

Kate shoots a loving look at her husband.

William and Kate made a very handsome couple.

The royals enjoyed their time at the UNICEF warehouse.

Kate and Mary show off their similar taste in hats earlier this year.

Lacy ladies: Kate in June and Mary in 2009.

Red carpet: Mary and Kate chose pastel colours in June this year.

Equestrienne chic: Kate in 2005 and Mary in 2008.

Engagement dresses: Kate in 2010 and Mary in 2003.

Wedding dresses: Kate in April and Mary in 2004.

Boating beauties: Kate in June and Mary in 2005.

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