Prince Louis is IDENTICAL to this prominent royal in these rare new pictures

The youngest Cambridge takes after a very well known royal...
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It seems like it was only yesterday when Prince Louis left the Lindo Wing with his proud parents Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

Can you believe that was a year ago?

To celebrate Prince Louis’ first birthday, three new official pictures of the birthday boy have been released – marking only the sixth rare occasion that we’ve seen the young royal up-close.

The last time we saw the littlest Cambridge was in the family’s official Christmas card photo, shortly following another set of official photographs released for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

But now that the fifth in line to the throne has come into his own a little more, the question we’re trying to answer is who does Prince Louis look like?

We’ve rounded up as much evidence as possible and we can honestly say we’re torn.

Take a look through all the pictures and decide for yourself!

William? George? Charlotte!? We can see traits from all the royals in this adorable new Prince! (Image: AAP / credit: The Duchess of Cambridge)

The brand-new pictures were taken by Louis’ doting mum, Kate. (Image: AAP / credit: The Duchess of Cambridge)

The one-year-old couldn’t look any cuter! (Image: AAP / credit: The Duchess of Cambridge)

In November, the young Prince was pictured with his royal family for Prince Charles’ 70th birthday. (Image: Chris Jackson/Getty)

Prince Louis and Prince George

When George was Louis’ age, he was the spitting image of his younger brother. (Images: L-R Getty Images/Chris Jackson/Getty)

If they hadn’t been born five years apart, we would say that George and Louis were twins!

Back when Prince George embarked on his first royal tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014, he was the picture of cuteness with his chubby cheeks and famous pout.

And while Prince Louis seems to have a bit more of a smile, we can definitely tell that the brothers have quite a bit in common with those delicious cheeks and mischievous expressions.

One key difference between the pair seems to be their complexion with Louis’ hair and eyebrows appearing more brunette compared to his blonde big brother.

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

Or is Prince Louis more like his big sis, Princess Charlotte? (Images: L-R Instagram @kensingtonroyal/Chris Jackson/Getty)

An overload of cuteness! Seeing the most recent picture of Prince Louis made us think of the photos Duchess Catherine took of Princess Charlotte when she was just six months old.

Princess Charlotte has been very protective of her baby brother and is taking her big sister duties oh so seriously. Who could forget when she told the reporters at Prince Louis’s christening, “You’re not coming,” as they left the chapel?

And it seems that William and Catherine’s youngest two already have a lot in common, that aren’t just their looks.

“Charlotte is just like him. They have a great bond, and a similar connection is growing between Charlotte and Louis,” a palace insider previously told Us Weekly.

WATCH: Princess Charlotte tells reporters: “You’re not coming,” at Prince Louis’s christening. Post continues after video…

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Prince Louis and Prince William

Like father, like son. (Images: L-R Getty Images/Chris Jackson/Getty)

Are we seeing double? Back in the 1980s when William was a bouncing bub himself, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared some sweet pictures of their son Prince William at their Kensington Palace home.

And we’re not sure if it’s the similar blue and white outfits, the cheeky grins or the fair hair, but Prince Louis certainly takes after his Pa.

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Prince Louis and Duchess Catherine

Could Prince Louis be a mummy’s boy? (Images L-R The Middleton Family/Chris Jackson/Getty)

He may be a Windsor, but has Louis taken after the Middleton side of the family?

Duchess Catherine was certainly a very cute child as evidenced in the photo above of the royal back when she was a four year-old Kate Middleton… and so is her youngest.

The royal mum-of-three clearly loves being a parent and showed her maternal side at a royal engagement in October when she broke royal protocol and hugged a fan.

“Hugs are very important. That’s what I tell my children,” the Duchess said.

That’s the evidence, now it’s over to you. What are your thoughts?

Duchess Catherine was one proud mum at Prince Louis’ christening. (Image: Getty Images)

Whoever he resembles, Prince Louis is part of one good-looking family! (Image: Chris Jackson/Getty)

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