Here’s how you can spend a night in Princess Diana’s childhood home

That is, if you have a spare $55,000!
Princess Diana

The childhood home, or rather castle of Princess Diana, is opening up for overnight stays for the first time ever in a bid to raise money for charity.

Guests will be able to spend the night in Diana’s old bedroom in the 500-year-old Althorp estate in Northamptonshire, where she resided before her marriage to Prince Charles in 1996.

Located just 70 miles from bustling London, the 90-room manor situated on the 13,000-acree estate boasts around 30 bedrooms and multiple dining rooms, one of which is modelled after the 100-seat ballroom at Buckingham Palace.

But while it all sounds rather incredible to live like a princess for an evening, you can be sure that your short stay comes at a royal price.

A weekend stay at Althorp will cost a couple just under $55,000 or $355,000 for a party of 18.

Diana resided in Althorp until her marriage to Prince Charles.

In a recent interview with NBC’s News On Assignment, Earl Charles Spencer, who currently owns the estate that has been with his family for 18 generations, announced the news alongside his American wife, Countess Karen.

“We are launching a campaign to raise funds for Whole Child where we are going to open the home, open Althorp, to raise funds,” Lady Spencer said to journalist Cynthia McFadden.

The house boasts over 90 rooms, 19 of which are open to the public.

Although the countess came up with the idea, Earl Charles Spencer whole-heartedly agreed.

“But I was instantly on board,” he added. “I’ve always thought of this house as contributing. It’s not just a little bastion or fortress of privilege.”

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