The Queen is particularly fond of Kate Middleton over Meghan Markle because of THIS one thing

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Picking favourites doesn’t always bode particularly well in matters of family, life and love, but if anyone could ever claim they had the right to do so, it would be Queen Elizabeth II – ruler of (almost) all.

And indeed it appears the Queen has well and truly exercised this informal right, as it is revealed the 92-year-old is rather fond of one particular granddaughter-in-law.

Who is her favourite of them all? (All images: Getty)

After giving birth to three children, marrying her eldest grandson and undertaking her royal duties without letting a hair out of place, Kate Middleton seems the ultimate package for Queen Elizabeth.

And Kate’s qualities certainly haven’t gone unnoticed by the reigning monarch, who is apparently “very fond” of Middleton, according to documentary William & Kate: The Journey.

In the 2016 doco, royal reporter Ashley Pearson revealed the qualities the Queen is particularly taken to when it comes to her granddaughter-in-law.

“She likes her middle-class values… She likes that she’s close to her family,” Pearson explains.

Furthermore, the fact that Kate is not “flashy or showy” is also an appealing quality.

Pearson continued: “Kate has never tried to garner extra attention for herself.”

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Kate has well and truly upheld the reputation of the British royals. (Image: Getty)

Meanwhile Meghan, whose estranged father and sister have been at the centre of some major royal scandals in the lead up to the royal wedding, paint quite a different picture to Kate’s rather-less-dramatic family.

Back in May, Thomas Markle made headlines when he staged paparazzi photos and made numerous comments slamming the British Royal Family.

Meanwhile, her half-sister Samantha has also been critical of Meghan for some time, even taking responsibility for the staged paparazzi photos involving their father.

Even for non-royals this kind of family dynamic would make anyone feel hesitant.

Thomas and Samantha Markle have caused their fair share of drama within the royal fold.

Furthermore, Meghan hasn’t shied away from testing traditional royal rules, arguably more so than Kate ever has.

For starters, Meghan’s fashion sense is certainly on the more daring side when you consider the traditional royal approach to style.

While visiting Queensland’s Fraser Isalnd last month, Meghan wore a stripy maxi-dress that turned transparent in the sunlight – a feat that turned heads the world over for her rather daring choice.

Meghan’s shorter hemlines and penchant for wearing black, which is usually only reserved for periods of mourning by royals, is also pushing boundaries within the House of Windsor.

And as a former Hollywood actress, there’s no doubt Meghan hasn’t shied away from the limelight, something Kate has never actively sought.

WATCH: Kate Middleton dazzles in red dress:

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Lastly, the documentary reveals Kate is a “special favourite” of the Queen’s because of her endless support of the royal family, of which she has been a part of for many years.

In fact, the Queen herself apparently encouraged Wills and Kate to prolong their relationship before getting married as a way for the brunette to understand what life as a royal was really like.

And all things said, it appears the Queen was onto something – Kate couldn’t be more poised and proper, no matter what royal engagement she’s attending.

The Queen’s State Banquet for the Dutch Royal Family at Buckingham Palace in October was case in point. Kate turned up the glam for the night wearing a stunning floor-length, ice-blue, fishtail gown by Alexander McQueen. But it was her eye-catching Tiara that really stole the show.

Duchess Catherine wore her late mother-in-law Princess Diana’s tiara – the Cambridge Lover’s Knot, and it finished off Kate’s picture perfect look spectacularly.

If we were the Queen, we’d be pretty proud our grandson had married her too!

Duchess Catherine looked royally divine at the Queen’s State Banquet in October. (Image: AAP)

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