Princess Mary: Commoner to Crown Princess of Denmark

Princess Mary will celebrate her 42nd birthday on February 5 - and what a life she has had so far.
Princess Mary of Denmark

When Mary met Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik in a Sydney bar in 2000, she was a pretty but otherwise unremarkable commoner.

Fourteen years later Mary is a bona-fide princess with four beautiful children and a devoted husband who just happens to be the next Danish king.

These photos chart her journey from girl-next-door to royalty – what a life she has had so far.

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Mary and Frederik at the beginning of their romance.

Mary and Frederik in Hobart in 2001.

Mary and Frederik shopping in Hobart in 2001.

Mary and Frederik announce their engagement in October 2003.

Mary with her father in a still from a Danish documentary about her life.

Mary and Frederik kick off their three-day wedding celebrations in 2004.

Mary on her wedding day in May 2004.

Mary and Frederik at their wedding in May 2004.

Mary and Frederik leave hospital with baby Christian.

Mary at Christian’s christening in January 2006.

Mary leaving hospital after giving birth to baby Isabella.

A family portrait from Isabella’s christening in July 2007.

The family pose in Sydney in September 2008.

Mary, Frederik and Christian at the wedding of Sweden’s Princess Victoria.

Mary and Frederik leave hospital with their newborn twins.

The family at the twins’ christening in April 2011.

Mary, Frederik, Isabella and the twins at a photocall in 2011.

Mary with the Duchess of Cambridge in November 2011.

Vincent and Josephine celebrating their first birthdays in January 2012.

Mary and Frederik with Vincent in July 2012.

Princess Mary in October 2012.

Mary in Sydney in November 2013.

Vincent and Josephine on their third birthday in January 2014.

A family portrait released in November 2011.

The Crown Prince family in Switzerland earlier in 2013.

Prince Christian’s first day of school in 2011.

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