Danish Royals have their wages slashed

Money is about to get a little tighter in the Danish royal palace.

The Danish royals will have to be more frugal in the future!

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According to reports out of Denmark, the royal family is in for a budget cut, as it’s revealed that no one except direct heirs to the throne will be getting government financial support.

The current system has all the royal children lined up for financial support.

The family accepted the changes through a spokeperson. “It’s not expected… that anyone of his generation other than Prince Christian should receive payment,” Palace Communications Director Lene Balleby said to DR News.

Because the 10-year-old Prince is second in line to the throne after Crown Prince Frederik, he will still be eligible for support.

Prince Christian is second in line for the throne.

But his siblings, Princess Josephine, Princess Isabella and Prince Vincent, as well as the children of Frederik’s brother Prince Joachim will have their future funding chopped.

Queen Margrethe gets a whopping $15 million in support for her family each year.

Queen Margrethe

A spokesman for Denmark’s ruling party said the decree made sense. “Simple mathematics dictates there needs to be some sort of limit,” Jan E. Jorgensen told a Danish newspaper.

Jan continued: “Otherwise within a few generations there will be several hundred princes and princesses who need an annual salary.”

“Anyone can see that won’t fly.”

The changes have come after recent opinion polls stated that most of the public believed only Prince Christian should receive government funding.

This new debate is one of many changes the Danish royals are making to adapt to the modern world.

Another is the recent launch of social media pages for the family on both Instagram and Facebook.

This story originally appeared on Woman’s Day.

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