NEW PHOTOS: Princess Diana’s most scandalous fashion moment will be recreated in The Crown season five

Why this dress made headlines in 1994.
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Fans of The Crown have gone wild over new photos that have emerged from the set of the show’s fifth season, as the snaps confirm something we’ve all been hoping for.

We’re finally going to see Princess Diana’s “revenge dress” on our TV screens.

Photos from the show’s set have revealed Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki donned an almost identical replica of the iconic dress to film scenes for season five.

The original dress was a $1,600 Christina Stambolian frock made from black silk crepe and featuring an eye-catching side-sash.

Its short hemline and low neckline were on-trend in 1994, but the dress made headlines when Princess Diana broke royal fashion protocol by wearing it to a Vanity Fair party.

The daring, sexy style was unlike anything a royal lady had worn before and caused a stir, especially because Diana wore it on the same night her husband, Prince Charles, admitted to being unfaithful on national TV.

Dubbed her “revenge dress”, the tiny frock was immortalised as one of the princess’ most daring and deliberate fashion moments and fans have long hoped to see it on The Crown.

Princess Diana in the Christina Stambolian frock dubbed her “revenge dress”.


The set photos, which you can see here, show Elizabeth wrapped up in a recreation of the form-fitting black frock and sporting Diana’s iconic short hairstyle from the ’90s.

A delicate diamond bracelet adorns her wrist, a replica of Diana’s iconic engagement ring is on her finger and she wears a heavy pearl and sapphire choker like the one the royal wore back in 1994.

Of course, The Crown‘s wardrobe department didn’t stop there, also kitting Elizabeth out in semi-opaque black stockings and a pair of simple black pumps to fully recreate Diana’s ensemble.

The resemblance is uncanny, not just because of the costuming – which is an almost flawless recreation of Diana’s whole “revenge” outfit – but also because of Elizabeth’s acting.

Though fans have yet to see her on-screen portrayal of the People’s Princess, photos have shown that Elizabeth is already adopting Diana’s body language.

In the new set photos, she can be seen holding a clutch to her chest and crossing her legs at the ankle as she steps out of a black car; both tricks Diana used to maintain her modesty.

Other photos from the set of the upcoming season have shown the Australian star tilting her chin down and gazing up at the camera or other actors from under her eyelashes, one of Diana’s most famous moves.

Elizabeth took over the role from Emma Corrin, who played Diana in season four of The Crown and urged her successor to “make [the role] your own”.

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Though Elizabeth confessed to being “overwhelmed” and “terrified” at the prospect of portraying the beloved royal, she also called it a “dream role”.

“She [Diana] is such a remarkable human being and she really does still live in the hearts of so many people,” the Australian star told The Mirror.

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