Prince William just let slip the VERY unexpected way Princess Charlotte will celebrate her birthday

The young Princess is definitely celebrating in style!
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Looking back, some of the best birthdays we ever celebrated were those of our childhood.

Fairy bread, sausage rolls and party bags were the ultimate treat, reserved only for our own, and our closest friends celebratory occasions.

But as for arguably the world’s most famous four-year-old Princess Charlotte? Well, it seems her birthday bash will go above and beyond.

In an adorable confession, Prince William has let slip the plans surrounding his young daughter’s fourth birthday, which she celebrated on May 2.

According to children’s author Julia Donaldson, who recently received her CBE from Prince William, the royal reportedly described his daughter’s birthday bash to her.

“He said it’s his daughter’s birthday today and he loves the book. He reads my stories to his children, and he said he was going to have quite a rowdy party – he’s got a lot of children [coming to the party],” she told ITV News.

We wouldn’t mind an invite to this elusive party ourselves!

Princess Charlotte is celebrating her birthday in style this year, it seems! (Images: The Duchess of Cambridge (R), Getty (L))

The exciting party plans were revealed as Princess Charlotte received a Happy Birthday from two very special relatives.

Taking to Instagram, none other than expectant royal parents Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan wished the four-year-old a Happy Birthday publicly underneath an adorable new snap of the Princess shared by Kensington Palace.

In what’s become a bit of a trademark for the 37-year-old mum-to-be, the comment included a cake and balloon emoji and read: “Happy Birthday Charlotte! 🎂🎈Lots of love, H and M xo”.

Harry and Meghan shared their well wishes with the four-year-old via their @SussexRoyal Instagram account. (Image: Supplied)

The message came just a week after Harry and Meghan shared a similar message to Prince Louis for his first birthday, which was celebrated last week.

In a similar way, the Sussexes signed off their message with the line ‘Love from both of us”, which basically confirmed the pair haven’t welcomed their royal baby yet.

Indeed it is understood Meghan has now surpassed her due date, and royal fans are on high alert as the Duchess is expected to go into labour at any moment.

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That being said, no one was going to steal Princess Charlotte’s thunder on her big day, especially after Kensington Palace released the adorable new snaps of the Princess, which were taken by her mum Duchess Catherine at their home in Norfolk, as well as at Kensington Palace.

And with all eyes on the royals at present, we’re pretty sure the Princess has been surrounded with love as she rings in her fourth year.

Happy Birthday, Princess Charlotte! (Image: The Duchess of Cambridge)

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