Princess Beatrice celebrates her birthday after her breakup with Dave Clark

And you might recognise the other man she spent her special day with...
Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice did her best to soldier on and put her heartbreak behind her as she celebrated her 28th birthday.

The newly single royal, who split up with her boyfriend of 10 years Dave Clark just days earlier, opted for a subdued party in the Hamptons in New York.

But despite just having had her heart broken, the flame-haired royal was spotted partying with another man, and an heir to an oil fortune, no less.

The princess shared her special day with American heir Michael Hess, who was also celebrating his 30th birthday.

Bea looked really happy to be celebrating with Michael.

And Michael, pictured here with Heidi Klum, isn’t short on celebrity friends.

What’s more, the handsome gentleman friend is actually friends with her recent ex.

We wonder what Dave would think about the pair sharing festivities together?

Michael and the princess’s ex Dave are reportedly good mates.

A photo of the pair cuddling up in front of a birthday cake surfaced on Instagram, with both Beatrice and Michael looking very relaxed, smiles beaming from both their faces.

And if Michael’s name sounds familiar, it’s because none other than Taylor Swift kissed him on stage while performing at his birthday party just days earlier.

My isn’t he a popular man!

See the infamous flirty moment between Taylor Swift and Mike below… Post continues!

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There’s no word yet on whether Beatrice and Mike are just friends or whether there’s something more going on.

Either way, it’s lovely to see the heartbroken Princess out and about, and taking time to celebrate with friends and loved ones.

Is Princess Beatrice’s split only temporary? Watch the video below to check out her chemistry with Dave shortly before they broke up and decide for yourself!

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