Prince Harry talks of the mentor who helped him after Diana’s death

He was someone who teased me at the right moments and gave me the confidence to look forward...

Prince Harry has revealed one of the ways he was able to get past the tragic death of his mother Princess Diana was through a special bond he made with a mentor during his years at Sandhurst Military Academy.

On Tuesday the 32-year-old prince told a group of Scottish military students at the Mackie Academy in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire that his Sandhurst Colour Sergeant was one of the people who gave him direction at a time when he felt a bit lost following his mum’s death when he was just 12.

“I was at a stage in my life when I was probably lacking a bit in guidance,” Harry explained to the pupils.

“I lost my mum when I was very young and suddenly I was surrounded by a huge number of men in the army.

“He was someone who teased me at the right moments and gave me the confidence to look forward, to actually have that confidence in yourself to know who you are and to push forward and try to help others.”

Prince Harry and his late mother, Princess Diana.

Harry kept his mentor’s name a secret, telling the crowd he didn’t say because “he wouldn’t want me to”.

Harry was there to visit the students who are training to become mentors as part of the Diana Awards Charity, an organisation set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, which recognises the achievements of young role models.

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