Harry takes a break from South Pole trek

Prince Harry on the Walking With the Wounded trek.

Harry is taking part in a charity trek across the Antarctic with a team of wounded soldiers for Walking With the Wounded, while at the same time another group, the Row2Recovery team, prepare to sail 3,000 nautical miles from the Canary Island to Antigua.

Wrapped up in his snow jacket and huddled inside a tent in the freezing cold, Harry took time out to offer support to the team of rowers, also including wounded servicemen, but the encouraging chat quickly turned to playful ribbing, AAP reports.

“It’s minus 30 here – apparently it’s plus 30 where you are!” Harry said to rowing team captain James Kayll.

Harry and his team have faced a few setbacks thanks to poor weather conditions, forcing them to delay the start of their race. So when Kayll pointed out his row would be “a little bit further than your walk”, Harry was quick on the defence.

“Yeah, but rowing 3000 miles is a hell of a lot easier than walking 300km by the way. FYI.”

The Prince told rowers to have “a really good time” and playfully warned them to “avoid the occasional great white shark coming underneath the boat”.

In an audio blog recorded yesterday from his base camp, Harry reported “all is good”, on the trek, but noted the team’s setbacks.

“There’s been a bit of bad luck here and there… time is quite tight on us now, it’s starting to hit us,” he said.

“A few people are starting to get a little bit worried, understandably so.

“But other than that, all is good. Godspeed.”

Prince Harry and his team are on the third day of their scheduled 16-day charity trek raising money for military charities.

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