EXCLUSIVE: Will Prince Harry choose Meghan Markle over his royal family?

The prince is at breaking point as he's forced to make a decision between his marriage and the monarchy.
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He’s the lovable royal with a smile that’s won the world over, but now Prince Harry is set to cause outrage as he considers a shock decision to turn his back on his family.

Sources tell Woman’s Day the Duke of Sussex, 34, is being forced to make the choice by his wife Meghan, who’s been at the centre of scrutiny for months.

Leaked emails revealing details about the pregnant duchess’ past – including how she encouraged drug use at her first wedding to Hollywood movie director Trevor Engelson – have reportedly tipped senior members of the extended royal family over the edge.

Now they’re issuing Harry with a stern warning – Meghan must toe the line or she’s out!

“They’ve put their feet down. It’s been one thing after another,” says a source.

Harry has been issued with a warning from senior royals. (Image: Getty Images)

The showdown comes after a string of embarrassments have rocked the couple, who married almost eight months ago and are expecting their first child soon.

“Meghan is sick of being bullied and she’s demanding Harry show his support by cutting ties with the royals if that’s what it takes to make it all stop,” a palace aide tells Woman’s Day.

“Harry is her soulmate and she’s demanding they show a united front while she’s under attack like this. Her point is, ‘I’ve stood up to my family and disowned them, so why can’t you do the same with yours?'”

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Cutting ties

Meghan, 37, has cut ties with many of her relatives, including her father Thomas Markle, 74, and has been ignoring his recent cringeworthy public overtures for forgiveness.

She’s also stonewalled her 54-year-old meddling half-sister Samantha, not to mention other outspoken siblings.

Since being welcomed into Kensington Palace, the newest royal’s supposed dictatorial attitude is said to have upset several members of the family including her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Though the pair put on a show of public unity over the holidays, sources say the tension has still left a bad taste in Meghan’s mouth with regards to how she fits in within the monarchy.

The situation reached boiling point after Christmas, when a UK newspaper published a bombshell report about Meghan’s alleged penchant for pot.

With the headline “Her Royal Highness”, the newspaper cited leaked emails where Meghan bragged about supplying marijuana to her 200 guests.

After being urged to choose a specific bag to use for the drug, it’s claimed she replied, “Already ordered ’em. Teeny ones for the pot that say ‘Shh!'”

Meghan and her first husband Trevor Engelson reportedly supplied marijuana to their wedding guests. (Image: Getty Images)

Just like Diana

“Meghan and Harry are livid about the revelation, and there’s worry she’s being singled out as the next Princess Diana,” our royal insider tells. “It’s one betrayal or negative story after another, much as it was with Harry’s mother.”

They feel it’s important to take a stand, even if it entails taking a back seat when it comes to his responsibilities.

“It wouldn’t surprise people, since Harry’s always been impulsive,” the insider says.

“Everyone knows his love towards Meghan comes before all else – even his own relatives.”

There are worries that Meghan is being singled out as the next Princess Diana. (Image: Getty Images)

Love over duty

Edward VIII created a national crisis when he proposed to twice-divorced, American socialite Wallis Simpson in 1936.

Despite pressure from the Church of England, Edward refused to give up his love and gave up the crown instead – he abdicated in December 1936.

The Queen’s younger rebel sister Princess Margaret was also forced to choose between royal duty and the man she wanted to marry, divorced royal equerry Peter Townsend. She eventually put duty before her heart.

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