Still the best of mates! Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama

The corny jokes and heart-warming banter are aplenty.
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When Prince Harry was asked to guest edit a radio show, he didn’t hold back on the calibre of guests. The royal called on his best bud Barack Obama to star in his edition of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, airing on 27th December.

The interview was conducted back in September in Toronto during the Invictus Games, where Harry and Meghan had their first public outing.

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The former POTUS doesn’t waste any time cracking dorky dad jokes before the interview starts, asking if he has to “put on a British accent” and if he should speak faster.

The 33-year-old prince replies: “No, but if you start using long pauses between answers you’re going to get ‘the face'” before doing an exaggerated scowl.

“I don’t want to see that face,” Obama laughingly replies.

The chat will include Obama’s memories of his last days in office and what he’s achieving in his post-presidential life, including his plans to cultivate the next generation of leaders through the Obama Foundation.

“You’re excited about this. I’m nervous about this. That’s what’s quite funny,” Harry says in the teaser.

Obama offers to interview the prince instead but Harry quickly declines.

“No, no let’s keep it this way. I much prefer that,” he shyly laughs.

The interview should be a good one considering the already proven banter between the pair.

Challenges levelled at one another during build up for the Invictus Games were heart-warming and hilarious.

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With any luck, this will be the first of many important interviews hosted by the young prince.

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